Excited to share that we are publishing a new edition from Brian Viveros that will be available next week. ‘Queen of the Land’ is taken from his recent sold-out UK exhibition we held for him at the MONIKER International Art Fair in London, England this past October.

Photographed and printed by Static Medium and framed with Sherman Framing, from start to finish, the detail and care given to this amazing edition is second to none. Viveros’s largest scale special edition to date, complete with custom aqua blue core matte chosen by the artist that perfectly captures the hues in the Queen’s flower and mascara. First-time use of a new custom ‘V’ embossed stamp, with each receiving hand touching from Viveros. All housed in a beautiful custom red accented wood molding hand-picked by Brian.

This is Brian’s most limited, large-scale framed edition to date. Don’t miss out.

Queen of the Land (Deluxe Framed Edition)
Edition of 12
Includes a unique graphite sketch in the bottom border
Multiple hand touches via airbrush, ink, and pastel throughout the piece
Embossed with Viveros’s ‘V’ emblem
Professionally Custom Framed and Matted
Hand signed and numbered by the artist
Comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity
20×29 (25.5×35 frame size)
“For all my DirtyLAnd collectors out there, this special edition  ‘Queen of the Land’ will definitely be the print to get! For this print, I wanted to go BIG and give you guys something truly special and on a larger scale putting a lot of time and energy into each one of these prints. Along with the hand embellishing throughout the print, I wanted to include an original drawing around my first time embossed signature ‘V’ at the bottom of the print. My idea was to do a rendering that could work around the ‘V’ and compliment the print as a whole. The end result is AWESOME and I’m really happy and excited to offer this print to you guys! The added drawing on each makes it that much more specal from me to you. There’s only a dozen of these bad girls so BE READY!!!” – Viveros
Viveros adding hand touches with acrylic, adding a unique add’l blood drip to each
Viveros adding some hand touches to the Queen’s hair with pastels
Viveros adding some highlights to the hair via airbrush
Hand touching details with acrylic, including a bloody heart on each skull

Deluxe Framed Edition getting added love from Viveros, each slightly unique

The Deluxe Edition will be available NEXT FRIDAY, August 24 at 10AM Pacific at:
Special Edition prior to receiving the embossed ‘V’ and signature / sketch
Viveros signing his new Special Edition of ‘Queen of the Land’
Detail view of the new embossed ‘V’ symbol
Viveros sketching next to his signature, each piece receiving a slightly unique sketch

Queen of the Land (Special Edition)
Fine art print on 290gsm paper
Edition of 40
Embossed with Viveros’s ‘V’ emblem
Sketch of rose with bullets or cigarettes by each signature
Hand signed and numbered

The Special Edition will be available NEXT FRIDAY, August 24 at 10AM Pacific at:

Artist Michael Reeder Featured on Forbes

Michael Reeder has been crushing it and his colorful mixed media work has garnered the attention of Forbes contributing writer Felicity Carter. Go over to for the full interview. Also, plan ahead and mark your calendars, as we will have a major solo coming up with Reeder in the summer of 2019.

What was your first memory of art?

I would have to say the cover art from my Dad’s vinyl album collection was probably my first exposure to art. He had some pretty epic covers from Judas Priest, Def Leppard, Molly Hatchet, AC/DC etc. I remember trying to draw almost all of them.

Sandra Chevrier Featured on CBC Arts

Thinkspace family member, Sandra Chevrier who will be showing new works in our upcoming show with MOAH in October, was recently featured on CBC Art. The piece includes a great little video by filmmaker Pablo Aravena, that follows Chevrier as she works on a mural in Montreal for MURAL Festival. 

You can view the full piece over on the CBC Art website and view Chevrier’s body of work presented through Thinkspace here.

La Cage Et Ceux Qui Restent Debout – SOLD

Recap of the Opening Reception of Exhibitions from Yosuke Ueno, Alex Garant, and TikToy

The opening reception of Yosuke Ueno “But Beautiful” and Alex Garant’s “Voyage of the Insomniac” in the Thinkspace main room was a beautiful event. Both artists had prints available that were picked up by dedicated fans. In the project room, we were proud to present “Timewarp” which display the animated clocks of artists TikToy that are reminiscent of the 1989 classic Little Monsters.

Thank you to all that came out to support these incredible shows from all three artists. Congratulations to Yosuke Ueno, Alex Garant & TikToy on beautiful new bodies of work!

All three solo exhibitions are on view through August 25 at Thinkspace and can also be enjoyed via our website at

photos courtesy Bryan Birdman Mier

Alex Garant Interview on the Podcast Harsh Truth

Art podcast Harsh Truth which dives into dealing with the business of art recently interviewed our current exhibiting artists Alex Garant. The interview not only discusses her life and creative process but also Garant’s art savvy business tips.

Listen to the interview now on your favorite podcast streaming service.

Alex Garant’s exhibition “Voyage of the Insomnica” is on view now through August 25th. To view available pieces from the exhibition visit the Thinkspace website – here.