Camilla d’Errico interviewed by Toysrevil…

Camilla at work

Camilla d’Errico was recently interviewed at great length by the fine folks over at the Toysrevil blog. Check it out here – just a great and super informative read. Camilla has so many things cooking right now, it’s a true inspiration. A book from Sparrow, a postcard set from Dark Horse, a special install in Vancouver around the upcoming Olympics, her graphic novel, plush figures, a video game with Nintendo, talks of taking her helmet girls to the big screen and so much more. Whew!

Look for our interview with Camilla to be posted here soon as well. Also be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a ‘Back Talk’ feature over at as we head into the opening of ‘Vain Remains’ next Fri, Sept. 11th.

Check out a ‘sneak peek’ of Camilla’s progress for the show here.

‘Vain Remains’
Camilla d’Errico & Caia Koopman

Opening Reception: Fri, Sept. 11th 7-11PM
*Both artists will be in town for the opening reception

4210 Santa Monica Blvd (at Sunset Blvd) in Los Angeles

Turf One is coming…

Turf One "Gypsy Midget and Holy Ghost"
Turf One "Gypsy Midget and Holy Ghost"

Galerie d’art Yves Laroche up in Montreal opens “Life Size” this Wednesday – a two person show betweeen Paris native Turf One (aka Jean Labourdette) and the U.S. based Shawn Barber.

‘Life Size’
Turf One and Shawn Barber
Opening Reception: Wed., Sept. 2nd 6-9PM
Sept. 2nd – Sept. 13th

This will serve as a great warm up to Turf One‘s debut Los Angeles solo show coming up this November at Thinkspace… more on ‘Shinning Darkness’ very soon. SO can’t wait to have Turf One down for this show. After rocking things at the recent ‘Beach Blanket Bingo’ summer group show at Jonathan LeVine in NYC, the stage is set for Turf to deliver in a big way this fall. Look for more sneak peeks and an interview with Turf One to be posted here soon.

A visit from Bumblebee…

Morning Air (Medium)

After turning many a head at the recent ‘Moodswings’ show at Carmichael Gallery where he sold out all his works, Southern California based street artist Bumblebee has been on the move and rockin’ things. We’ve been talking to him about coming over and doing a bigger version of his “Morning Air” piece (shown above) in our backyard for a couple months now and recently all aligned to allow for him to come over and do his thing. Below are some process shots of the work coming together. Came out just killer!

DSCN4284 (Large) (Medium)

DSCN4285 (Large) (Medium)

DSCN4287 (Large) (Medium)

DSCN4288 (Large) (Medium)

DSCN4291 (Large) (Medium)

DSCN4292 (Large) (Medium)

DSCN4294 (Large) (Medium)

DSCN4296 (Large) (Medium)

Keep up with Bumblebee via his Flickr here.