Next Up at Thinkspace Gallery : Sandra Chevrier exhibition “The Cages; and the Reading Rooms of their Lives”

Sandra Chevrier

The Cages; and the Reading Rooms of their Lives
October 15 – November 5, 2016

 Thinkspace is pleased to present new works by Sandra Chevrier in the gallery’s first solo exhibition for the Canadian artist, The Cages; and the Reading Rooms of their Lives. Based in Montréal, Chevrier creates mixed media works that combine sensuously rendered portraits of women with painted and collaged comic book overlays of superheroes. Manifold graphic segments and tear aways are used to obscure the facial features and bodies of her subjects partially. These iconographic images of conflict and struggle are posted over the contours of the flesh to create endlessly nuanced combinations, both heroic and dystopian in their allusions. Chevrier creates beautifully strange alloys of body and print to convey a personal terrain beset by social conflict.

In the artist’s Cages series, the vulnerable and human is offset by images of the superhero in varying situations of compromise, fragility, and struggle. The collision of identities both imperfect and paladin, suggests a conflicted and difficult vision of femininity; one colonized by competing ideals and expectations. Plastered both literally and figuratively with an illustrative veneer of superhuman archetypes and ideals, at times themselves in a state of injury or defect, Chevrier’s women become embattled vessels containing a host of incongruous roles. Her paintings are visually moody and dark, in spite of the primary colors and illustrative pictorials, and convey a depth and discomfort that resonates.

Sandra Chevrier

Chevrier creates what she refers to as “masks” and “cages” from these comic book excerpts, exploring both the external dictates and self-imposed restrictions to which the feminine is subject. Her confine metaphor of scripted identity problematizes the reductive social roles ascribed to women. Chevrier works with a combination of acrylic, watercolor, graphite, china ink, pastels, and collage to create complex sequences of imagery. Each portrait is developed intuitively and offers a simultaneity of scripts: heroism and weakness, beauty and imperfection, order and chaos, revelation and withholding. Chevrier is interested in the flaws in these narratives and seeks comic book references that capture moments of vulnerability and contention: failures in the hero and chinks in his otherwise unassailable armor.

A constant dance takes place in these works. Fiction bleeds in and out of reality, and several competing narratives obscure the identity of the subject. Ultimately, the imaginary and the real are equally unreliable in their deceptions and Chevrier’s portraits capture the multidimensional mire of this human fraudulence. The constant pressure to perform clearly defined roles is at odds with our true nature: we are all heroes and villains, successes and failures. Each face, each body and each self is a patchwork of conflicting stories.

Sandra Chevrier

Sandra Chevrier

Sandra Chevrier

New KiSung Koh Print To Be Released Friday, September 30th.

Ki Sung Koh Print

We’re excited to announce Thinkspace Editions will be releasing a new print from artist KiSung Koh this Friday, September 30th. This new release is a giclee print hand signed and numbered by the artist and produced by the pros at Static Medium. To purchase the print mark your calendar to visit this Friday, September 30th at 10am PST.

Ki Sung Koh Print
KiSung Koh
‘Way of Life’
Edition of 50
Giclee print on 290gsm paper
16×20 inches
Signed and numbered by the artist
$75 each


New Print ‘Damashiai’ from Ozabu Is Available Online

Ozabu Print

A beautiful new print edition from Japanese artist Ozabu is now available online at The image for the print is from our show with SCOPE Miami Beach this past December. Printed by the pros at Static Medium and hand-stamped in red ink by the artist, this special edition print is limited to a run of 50. 

Edition of 50
14×14 inches (12×12 inch image area)
Giclee print on 290gsm paper
Hand-varnished in image area
Hand-stamped in red ink by the artist
Hand-signed and numbered by the artist as well
$90 each

Ozabu’s latest body of work for her exhibition 彷徨 (Wander) is now on view at Thinkspace Gallery until October 8th. To view the pieces from the show online visit the Thinkspace Gallery website here. Find out more about Ozabu and the inspiration behind the exhibition through our interview with the artist here.

Opening Reception of Allison Sommers’s ‘Bruxism’ & Ozabu’s ‘彷徨 (Wander)’

Opening Reception Ozabu and Allison Sommers

If you aren’t signed up for the Thinkspace Gallery newsletter you might not have seen our sweet thank you to everyone who came to the opening reception of Allison Sommers’s ‘Bruxism’ and Ozabu’s ‘彷徨 (Wander)’, here it is below along with Allison’s insight into her installation.

Much love to everyone that came out this past Saturday evening to celebrate our new exhibitions from Allison Sommers and Ozabu. Sommers has created one hell of a show complete with an immersive installation and accompanying video. The depth of layers and texture in her new works is really something to behold in person. Alongside Allison’s exhibition in our project room, we are featuring nine new works from Ozabu that comprise her debut solo exhibition. Her works contain so much minute detail that in person viewing is definitely a rewarding experience. We hope you are able to stop by next you’re in the Culver City Arts District of Los Angeles.


Allison Sommers
“I Made My Bed, Now-“ installation

The installation is a contextual companion to the two-dimensional work featured in ‘Bruxism’ and is a wordless record of how the show’s work were conceived and completed. The installation contains objects used in the completion of the show, such as the scores of pencil nubs strewn on the ground, and a suggestion of the pharmaceutical-based help required for pulling a body and mind through protracted periods of work.

Walls full of text suggest the confused, compulsive mind-space inhabited by the artist, interspersed with the objects of compulsion collected over the years from the streets, trash, and junk shops of New York. They are both sites of memory (either known or intimated), orphans whose worth is rescued in the act of collection, and a womb in which the artist can ensconce herself for protection from the outside and introspection. Names of family members and phrases of secret importance are interspersed with seemingly important photographs of strangers and the detritus of others’ sickness.

Finally, the method in which the installation is composed- half melee, half obsessive order- echoes the artist’s patterns of making, both systematic and random, tied as much to gut-level creative impulse as to anxiety-driven compulsion.




















































The full collection of images from the opening reception on Facebook.

View the show pieces by Allison Sommers here & Ozabu here.

LOW BROS’s Artist Spotlight on BOOOOOOOM


Artistic duo and Thinkspace Family members the Low Bros are in the artist spotlight on BOOOOOOOM. The piece features new work from their upcoming show in Hamburg at Golden Hands Gallery and a fresh mural. Visit for the artist spotlight and Thinkspace Gallery’s website for all available work from Low Bros.