Stephanie Buer & Daniel Bilodeau Opening Reception – January 5, 2019

Thank you to all those who made it out to the first opening of 2019. We kicked off the year with new works from Portland-based artists Stephanie Buer in our main room and New York-based artists Danial Bilodeau in the project room, with wire works by Spenser Little in the office space. The exhibition drew a great turnout despite the Los Angeles rain and set a nice tone for the rest of the year. Make sure to come out and see both exhibitions now on view till January 26th.

To view available pieces from Stephanie Buer’s “Wild Abandon” and David Bilodeau’s “State of the Art” visit the Thinkspace website.

BOOK Signing + PRINT Release this Saturday from SCOTT LISTFIELD

Paintings by Scott Listfield

BOOK-SIGNING EVENT this Saturday, December 15 from 4 to 6 PM

Book will be available at the event this Saturday for $45 plus tax

Scott will be on site from 4 to 6 PM signing copies of his new book (while supplies last) published by Paragon Books and Spoke Art. ‘ASTRONAUT’ is 232 pages packed full of every painting Listfield has created to date, over 350 of them, featuring his trademark lone astronaut exploring a not too distant future, filled with pop culture references galore. Featuring essays from Listfield along with Forwards from Danielle Krysa (The Jealous Curator) and Andrew Hosner (Thinkspace Projects).

PLUS we’re excited to publish a new limited edition fine art print of his iconic “It’s Like That” painting from our recent solo exhibition ‘1984’ with Listfield. Details are below.

Both the print and book will be available this Saturday from 4 to 6 PM at Thinkspace.

It’s Like That
16×23 inches / 50.8x66cm
Edition of 60
Fine art print on 290gsm paper
Hand signed and numbered by the artist

Printed by the good folks at Static Medium

Details to follow. We are not shipping before the holidays, so we will set a day and time for the second week of January and share details soon. For now, this Saturday from 4 to 6 PM is your only chance to purchase this special edition from Listfield. No online or phone orders at this time. Thank you.

Group Exhibition “Elysium” & Lauren Brevner’s Solo Exhibition Opening Reception Recap

Thank you to all that came out to support the opening of our November exhibitions. Congratulations to Atsuko Goto, Audrey Kawasaki, Stella Im Hultberg, Fuco Ueda, Jolene Lai, Lauren Brevner and Lonac on beautiful new bodies of work.

All three exhibits are on view through this Saturday, November 24 at Thinkspace Projects. Visit our website to view the available pieces from Elysium, Menagerie, and Summer in Zaberg. 

Photos courtesy of Birdman.

NEXUS II at The Brand Library Opening Reception

We thank everyone who came out to the opening of Nexus II at Glendale’s Brand Library & Arts Center.

Nexus II is a group exhibition featuring works from a curated selection of New Contemporary artists, plus mini solo exhibitions by Drew Merritt, Ermsy, Super A, and Robert Proch, along-side a mural and installation by Bumblebeelovesyou, and sculptural installations in the Library’s outdoor courtyard by Spenser Little.

The exhibition is on view now through January 11th and you can view available pieces here and here.

Full Gallery After The Jump 

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Interview with Fuco Ueda for “Elysium”

Tokyo-based surrealist artist Fuco Ueda’s dreamy new pieces for the group exhibition Elysium continues to showcase her ethereal acrylic paintings mixed with Japan Gofun shell powder that gives her work a unique glow. The movement in Ueda’s work is weightless reflected in the flowing waterscapes she’s created in her latest body of work.  Our interview with Fuco Ueda reveals the inspiration and creative heart behind the pieces.

Join us for the opening of Elysium Saturday, November 10th from 6 pm to 9 pm

SH: What was the inspiration behind this latest body of work? What ideas or themes were you exploring?

JL: “To fall asleep” is inspired by the Buddhist Nirvana diagram. The Buddhist Nehan-zu (painting of Great Nirvana) draws the way the Buddha opens enlightenment and dies. Cambrian creatures are floating in “To fall asleep”. It expresses the flow of the world different from the current flow of time.

Communication II

SH: How do you approach developing a new body of work and capture ideas for pieces; do you have a sketchbook on hand or is it just a note to yourself in your phone?

JL: I went to see the Buddhist Nehan-zu at a museum in Kyoto.
After reading and researching books on the subject, I will then draw simple outlines in my sketchbook developing and honing the ideas over time.

SH: What excites you about your work / creative process?

JL: Finding inspiration and watching the composition emerge.

SH: What frustrates you about your work / creative process?

JL: When the idea and image of my art is not clear.

Symbiosis 2017

SH: Is there a particular piece in this exhibition you feel really challenged you? If so, why and what makes you proud of this piece?

JL: “To fall asleep” and “Symbiosis 2017”
Because it pushed through some creative challenges I had imposed on myself. (However, I don’t think anyone would be able to detect the struggle)

SH: Who is an artist; musician, director, any art form – who would be a dream collaboration for you and what would you create?

JL: All arts are a dream collaboration. I’d enjoy collaborating with music, movies, theater, fashion, and other fields. I am also interested in my artwork being used in media art and technology.


SH: Has there been someone or some event that has made a significant impact on you that lead you to where you are now? An artistic catalyst of sorts?

JL: I have been influenced by Japanese literature since I was a child. In addition, I’ve also been influenced by vintage Japanese comics, especially those made for the 1970s girl in Japan. At that time, it was an unconventional media showing cultural movements including SF, fantasy and homosexual elements, it had innovative content. The new female image was nurtured in those comics.

SH: What’s in your toolbox? AKA what paints, brushes, tools would we find in your studio? What do you wish was in your studio?

JL: I put a canvas of cloth on a wooden panel, it has a painted base. This is a traditional white paint raw materials of Japan Gofun (shell powder) is also crowded mix. I paint with acrylic paint.

To Fall Asleep

SH: After a show what do you do? Do you take a long break, vacation, a particular ritual? Tell us.

JL: From this year, I became a teacher at a certain Art University in Tokyo, I enjoy those class. That is the University of my alma mater.

SH: In one or two words, tell us something that you really like or resonates with you about the work of each artist in Elysium.

JL: I have not been able to see the exhibits of other artists yet. However, I think that it is surely a wonderful group show. I am planning to go to LA at the opening, so I’m looking forward to seeing the exhibits.