Cinta Vidal “Viewpoints” WIP via Instagram

Cinta Vidal’s Viewpoints is opening this Saturday, September 15th showing the completed work of the pieces she has teased on Instagram for the past few months.  Join us as Vidal’s work takes over the Thinkspace main room, and read her interview with us for more insight into the inspiration for Viewpoints.

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Allison Sommer’s Installation for the Governor’s Island Art Fair – “Standard Issue”

courtesy of hyperallergic

Thinkspace family member Allison Summers is a part of the Governor’s Island Art Fair this month with her detailed installation, “Standard Issue. The fair includes installations from several artists that play with spaces along Colonels Row.  The fair is free to attend and on view until September 30th with a few more weekends to hop on the ferry and immerse yourself in the installs.

On view will be brand-new first aid kits with which to heal thyself (there is at least a score of them now!), a still-hot-from-the-sun series of cyanotypes with which to remember the halcyon past, a fresh new slideshow of found and handmade projections, and the obsessively embroidered memory of a body.  – Allison Sommers

Visit the Governor’s Island Art Fair website for more information

Immerse Yourself in the Ghoulish Art on Governors Island

Andrew Hosner featured on Podcast HARSH TRUTH

Andrew Hosner | Harsh Truth Podcast

Matt Gondek recently sat down with curator and co-owner of Thinkspace Projects Andrew Hosner for podcast Harsh Truth and the results are now live over at or on your favorite podcast streaming network.

“We discussed our gallery’s history, the state of the art world today, how to properly submit to a gallery these days, what we look for in new artists, are galleries still a viable outlet and so much more. Good talk, thanks again for the invite, Matt!” – Andrew Hosner

Interview with Cinta Vidal for her exhibition “Viewpoints”

We are two weeks away from our first major solo exhibition with Cinta Vidal, “Viewpoints.” In her latest body of work Vidal continues to explore the idea of viewing the world from different perspectives and how to translate that vision. It has been two years since her last exhibition with us, Gravities,  at the Culver City gallery and we are excited to share our interview with Cinta Vidal that explores her growth as an artist, how she challenged herself with this new body of work, and her time travel destination.
SH: How do you approach developing a new body of work?

CV: The exhibit in Thinkspace gallery’s main room is my biggest challenge to date. I’ve never exhibited in such a big space, it is a big opportunity for me to present a large collection of my new work. My focus now is to explore deeper into the concept of sharing the same world but seeing it from different points of view.

SH: Were there specific themes or techniques you wanted to explore in “Viewpoints”?
CV: In this show, I wanted to explore to the maximum of all the possibilities that the gravity style can give me. Also, I wanted to develop more of the different ideas that I have evolved over the last two years. Like round detailed worlds, stairs compositions or floating furniture. I also changed the painting technique in the majority of the pieces. I use to paint in acrylic, now I paint in oils.
SH: Your pieces always have multiple interesting scenes and focal points, do you develop those scenes before starting and composing the complete piece or do they evolve and come to you as you’re working on one section.
CV: I’m a crazy perfectionist and I usually work in a very detailed sketch before painting the final piece. Sometimes I decide to add elements in the scenes while I’m painting them, like trees or cats. But much of the composition is always decide previously. Maybe I should start improvising more in order to give a more fresh touch to the pieces.
SH: Are the locations in your work inspired by real places?
CV: Sometimes yes. In ‘Viewpoints’ I present 5 pieces that are inspired by real places. 3 of them come from recent trips: Tai-O (Hong Kong), La Gomera (Canarias) and Nijo (Japan). These pieces are really special to me because they are like a summary of my experiences in those places. I really want to explore more of this line of work – that means that I need to travel a lot!
SH: You’ve traveled around the world for your mural work. What locations had one of your favorite meals?
CV: It’s hard to say, I’ve enjoyed a lot the meals from all the places I visited. Maybe I should say that Japan was one of the most splendid, culinarily speaking.
SH: Is there a particular piece in this exhibition you feel really challenged you? If so, why and what makes you proud of this piece?  
CV: The piece CITY is very special for me. It is a mix of stairs, people, trees and architecture, something that I had never done before. The composition is very different than I usually do because the building surrounds the painting. It was a bit complicated to me to solve this piece and I’m proud because it keeps a consistency with others, but it has a different accent.
SH: What excites you about your work / creative process?
CV: The most exciting part is that everything around me could be a big inspiration. I’m always looking for new buildings, textures, trees, etc. My phone is full of ‘inspiration’ from my walks. Then I start to draw, it’s the part I enjoy the most.
SH: What frustrates you about your work / creative process?
CV: The big amount of details. I love to lose myself painting for hours, it’s like a meditation. But sometimes it is a bit frustrating when I look at the piece from afar and I’m not convinced by the overall result. It’s part of the process. Until I’m no longer uncertain about the results, I do not end it. It’s an internal fight.
SH: After a show what do you do? Do you take a long break, vacation, a particular ritual? Tell us.
CV: After a show, I try to relax and not to start new projects. But that’s easy to say.
I clean the study thoroughly in order to make space for the new projects and sometimes I go travel to totally disconnect.
SH: Who is an artist; musician, director, any art form – who would be a dream collaboration for you and what would you create?
CV: I love theatre, and contemporary dance. The choreographer Pina Baush is a big inspiration to me. Sadly she passed away. But one day I would love to be involved in a project with contemporary dance. 
SH: Has there been someone or some event that has made a significant impact on you that lead you to where you are now? An artistic catalyst of sorts?
CV: The most important catalyst for me was working as an apprentice in Taller de Escenografia Castells Planas in St. Agnès de Malanyanes. I learned from Josep and Jordi Castells to love scenography and the backdrop trade. There I learnt how to paint and to be rigorous with work

SH: You have a time machine, and you could do anything / go anywhere for 24 hours, and would not interfere with the space-time continuum. What would you do?
CV: I will go to do plein air with fauvism painters, to spend a day with Paul Cézanne, André Derain and Henri Matisse. That would be a dream come true.

Join us Saturday, September 15th from 6 – 9 pm for the opening reception of “Viewpoints” 


Excited to share that we are publishing a new edition from Brian Viveros that will be available next week. ‘Queen of the Land’ is taken from his recent sold-out UK exhibition we held for him at the MONIKER International Art Fair in London, England this past October.

Photographed and printed by Static Medium and framed with Sherman Framing, from start to finish, the detail and care given to this amazing edition is second to none. Viveros’s largest scale special edition to date, complete with custom aqua blue core matte chosen by the artist that perfectly captures the hues in the Queen’s flower and mascara. First-time use of a new custom ‘V’ embossed stamp, with each receiving hand touching from Viveros. All housed in a beautiful custom red accented wood molding hand-picked by Brian.

This is Brian’s most limited, large-scale framed edition to date. Don’t miss out.

Queen of the Land (Deluxe Framed Edition)
Edition of 12
Includes a unique graphite sketch in the bottom border
Multiple hand touches via airbrush, ink, and pastel throughout the piece
Embossed with Viveros’s ‘V’ emblem
Professionally Custom Framed and Matted
Hand signed and numbered by the artist
Comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity
20×29 (25.5×35 frame size)
“For all my DirtyLAnd collectors out there, this special edition  ‘Queen of the Land’ will definitely be the print to get! For this print, I wanted to go BIG and give you guys something truly special and on a larger scale putting a lot of time and energy into each one of these prints. Along with the hand embellishing throughout the print, I wanted to include an original drawing around my first time embossed signature ‘V’ at the bottom of the print. My idea was to do a rendering that could work around the ‘V’ and compliment the print as a whole. The end result is AWESOME and I’m really happy and excited to offer this print to you guys! The added drawing on each makes it that much more specal from me to you. There’s only a dozen of these bad girls so BE READY!!!” – Viveros
Viveros adding hand touches with acrylic, adding a unique add’l blood drip to each
Viveros adding some hand touches to the Queen’s hair with pastels
Viveros adding some highlights to the hair via airbrush
Hand touching details with acrylic, including a bloody heart on each skull

Deluxe Framed Edition getting added love from Viveros, each slightly unique

The Deluxe Edition will be available NEXT FRIDAY, August 24 at 10AM Pacific at:
Special Edition prior to receiving the embossed ‘V’ and signature / sketch
Viveros signing his new Special Edition of ‘Queen of the Land’
Detail view of the new embossed ‘V’ symbol
Viveros sketching next to his signature, each piece receiving a slightly unique sketch

Queen of the Land (Special Edition)
Fine art print on 290gsm paper
Edition of 40
Embossed with Viveros’s ‘V’ emblem
Sketch of rose with bullets or cigarettes by each signature
Hand signed and numbered

The Special Edition will be available NEXT FRIDAY, August 24 at 10AM Pacific at: