Unurth post their visit with ROA…

ROA at work - picture courtesy of Unurth.com

Unurth just posted some nice pics from their recent visit to ROA‘s site-specific studio as he preps for tomorrow night’s big show!

Check out their full set here:

Sat, Nov. 13th 6PM-Midnight (open to the public / free admission)
New Puppy Gallery in association with Thinkspace
2808 Elm Street in the Cypress Park area of LA (*easily accessible from the 110 and the 5)
New works, installations and more from Belgian artist ROA – presented by Thinkspace
(On view through Nov. 24th – dates/times to follow soon)

ROA has landed!

ROA's first finished piece on the streets of Los Angeles. Check it out for yourself at the corner of 7th and Mateo in downtown

Thinkspace presents a special pop-up event with ROA

Sat, Nov. 13th 6PM-Midnight
On view: Nov. 13th – Nov. 24th

Taking place at New Puppy Gallery
2808 Elm Street in Los Angeles

We’re excited to announce that we will be presenting Belgian-born artist ROA‘s debut west coast solo show on Sat, Nov. 13th. This will be a special pop-up event presented by Thinkspace and taking place at New Puppy Gallery just outside of downtown Los Angeles (corner of Cypress and Elm – just off the 110).

ROA has been extremely busy of late having visited New York this past June for a show with Factory Fresh in Brooklyn and traveling all over Europe the past several months. So far this summer he’s put up amazing pieces at Nuart (Stavanger, Norway), Infart (Bassano del Grappa, Italy), Critica Urbana (Madrid, Spain), Secret Garden Festival (London, England), Popup! (Ancona, Italy) and Stroke.03 (Berlin, Germany). On top of that he did a special piece while in the UK that ended up on the cover of a recent issue of VNA and also managed to place works on the streets of Russia just before flying off to Los Angeles. ROA‘s organic animals, huge both in presentation and reputation, will soon take over the streets of LA as well as the walls of New Puppy Gallery, reminding the city’s art lovers that there is indeed nature all around us, even in the middle of the City of Angels. His street work brings to mind the natural world before it was covered in skyscrapers and highways and acts as an ardent cry to arms to not ignore the nature that surrounds us all. As the cities of the world continue to push nature further and further away… and closer and closer to extinction, ROA‘s work helps us to stop and pause and take note of the natural beauty all around us.

ROA‘s work has been exhibited in London, Berlin, Warsaw, Brooklyn, Amsterdam, and Paris and this exhibit will mark his first solo show on the west coast of the States.

Check out pics of his Los Angeles street pieces here:

Check out a nice set of ROA’s work courtesy of Unurth here:

And on ROA’s very own Flickr here:

Opening Reception: Sat, Nov. 13th 6PM-Midnight
On view: Nov. 13th – Nov. 24th

Taking place at New Puppy Gallery
2808 Elm Street in Los Angeles


Get ready LA… ROA is coming soon!

ROA's piece for the recent Stroke.03 festival in Berlin, Germany

Thinkspace presents a special pop-up event with ROA

Sat, Nov. 13th 6PM-Midnight
On view: Nov. 13th – Nov. 24th

Taking place at New Puppy Gallery
-2808 Elm Street in Los Angeles-

Check out ROA’s Flickr for more here:

Also be sure to check out Unurth’s extensive collection of ROA pics here:

ROA lands into LA on October 28th… more to come very soon!

Dabs Myla video from Jet Set Graffiti

Dabs Myla are EVERYWHERE. Jet Set Graffiti teamed along with the duo when they recently did a wall in downtown LA as part of the LA Freewalls Project.

Get ready for ‘Tokyo Deluxe’ – opening Fri, Sept. 3rd in Thinkspace’s project room


Dabs Myla ‘Primary Flight’ mural during Art Basel…

The 'Primary Flight' mural from Dabs Myla
The 'Primary Flight' mural from Dabs Myla

The good folks over at Arrested Motion were down in force last week during Art Basel in Miami, FL. We were so slammed with the action over at Aqua Art Miami, we didn’t get much chance to swing through and check out all the ‘Primary Flight’ action that was going off in the Wynwood district.

Check out the amazing mural from Dabs Myla coming together at the link below:

And be sure to roll through Thinkspace tomorrow night for ‘Earthquake Weather’ featuring a half dozen new works including an amazing collaboration with the one and only Greg Simkins.

Speaking of Craola, if you didn’t check out his interview yet with Dabs Myla over at Juxtapoz, check it out here: http://www.juxtapoz.com/Features/dabs-and-myla-interview-by-craola

'Diamonds In The Rough' hand touched limited giclee print
'Diamonds In The Rough' hand touched limited giclee print

‘Diamonds in the Rough’
Giclee print on 300gsm cotton rag archival paper
Limited edition of 25
Each hand touched with a unique character (unframed)
36 x 11″
91 x 28 cm

Check out the works featured in ‘Earthquake Weather’ here:

Please shoot a mail to contact@sourharvest.com if you are interested in any of the works in the show

‘Earthquake Weather’ new works and a mural installation from Dabs Myla

Fri, Dec. 11th 7-11PM

4210 Santa Monica Blvd (near Sunset Junction in Silver Lake area of LA)

*Pic courtesy of Arrested Motion

Members of the MTA graffiti crew busted…

The LA Times has an update on the “tagging” arrests that people started talking about this morning:

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies today arrested at least eight alleged members of the notorious Metro Transit Assassins tagging crew, some of whom are believed to be responsible for a several-blocks-long “MTA” tag in the concrete Los Angeles River bed that authorities say will cost millions of dollars to remove.

The arrests occurred during a series of early-morning raids centered in the Hollywood area. Among those detained for a parole violations is a famous tagger whose work “SMEAR” has has won acclaim in the art community.

Those arrested were booked on suspicion of vandalism, drug possession, narcotics for sales, weapons possession and other parole violations, officials said

“These individuals are responsible for tags not only in Los Angeles but Las Vegas and San Francisco,” said Sheriff’s Cmdr. Dan Finkelstein, who is chief of the Metropolitan Transit Authority police. “The Army Corps of Engineers estimates that removing the “MTA” tag from the riverbed alone will cost $3.7 million.”

Cleaning graffiti from the river is far more expensive than cleaning other areas. Officials use high-pressure water spray to remove the toxic paint.

But hazardous-materials crews must then dam and capture all the paint and water runoff to prevent it from getting into the river. The crew did an additional $20,000 worth of damage to transit vehicles and facilities. Finkelstein said the Los Angeles River “MTA” tag, in a vast industrial district east of downtown between two rail yards, took about 400 gallons of paint — 300 gallons white and 100 gallons black. “It took them four nights to do it,” he said.

The three block letters cover a three-story-high wall and run the length of several blocks between the 4th Street and 1st Street bridges. The tagging crew, which is also known as “Melting Toys Away” and “Must Take All,” began about the time the transportation agency began using the MTA letters. Investigators say they have statements, including some on video, that implicate some of the crew members in the enormous tag.

To grasp how HUGE this tag is, watch this video.

Our thoughts go out to these guys. Let’s hope they don’t throw the book at them too hard.

Jet Set Graffiti post interview with ELBOW-TOE…

ELBOW-TOE has been at this street art game for a long time, and Jet Set Graffiti recently joined him as he discusses his perceptions of street art, studio art, and the way that both aspects of his work relate to each other. From his raw paste-ups on the street, to his intricate and highly detailed collage work inside, his work is unsurpassed in both talent and emotion.

Look for ELBOW-TOE with ARMSROCK (also interviewed recently by the Jet Set folks) at his upcoming show at Thinkspace opening on December 12th… more soon.

View the interview here: