SUPER A Mural for Vitality & Verve III : Transforming the Urban Landscape

Artist, Super A is hard at work developing his wonderland inspired mural for ‘Vitality and Verve III’ this week at the Long Beach Museum of Art.

Stefan Thelen’s anti-superhero identity Super A is a Dutch artist who uses traditional painting technique and a knack for design to create compositions that manipulate familiar iconography into mind-bending and inquisitive pieces. His alter-ego, Super A is the filter with which the life and observations of Stefan Thelen are distilled down and turn into inspiration. All of his work evolves out of personal experiences or thoughts that grow into concepts which tightrope between fiction and nonfiction. Super A is a mystery that leans on the art doing most of the talking for Stefan Thelen, taking the viewer into a wonderland walking down a yellow brick road in which Thelen’s figurative and modern surrealist compositions are providing playful puzzles to decipher.

Join us Friday, June 29th for the opening night gala, After Dark.

Tickets available now for only $15 at:

“Vitality and Verve III” is the third iteration of the collaborative series curated by Thinkspace Projects with the support of POW! WOW! Long Beach for the Long Beach Museum of Art, and will be featuring ephemeral murals and installations from Bordalo II, CASE, Evoca, Sergio Garcia, Herakut, Hush,
Jaune, Leon Keer, Koz Dos, Spenser Little, Fintan Magee, Dennis McNett, Drew Merritt, Michael Reeder, RISK, SEEN, Amy Sol, Super A, Juan Travieso, Dan Witz and Lauren YS


The Long Beach Museum of Art presents:
Curated by Thinkspace with support from POW! WOW! Long Beach

On View June 30, 2018 thru September 9, 2018 at:

Long Beach Museum of Art
2300 East Ocean Boulevard
Long Beach, CA. 90803

Friday, June 29 opening night gala tickets available now for only $15 at:

New Mural for RAD Napa from Jeremy Fish – ‘The Whine Train’

‘The Whine Train’ from Jeremy Fish for RAD Napa curated by Thinkspace.

“This mural is dedicated to those whiny days we all have when the steam that really gets our train moving is from a belly full of boiling, bubbling emotion.” – Jeremy Fish

The Rail Arts District is coming alive with dozens of murals from internationally renowned artists over the coming years thanks to the generous support of The Wine Train and the Napa Valley Vine Trail.


Another process shot of Princess Elisabeth Friederike Sophie for I Know A Guy Gallery in Bayreuth, Germany

Drew Merritt’s hyperreal rendering and darkly stylized painting aesthetic jump off the canvas and on to walls for his larger than life murals. Merritt creates compositions set against nondescript areas of negative space to direct focus on the image that is to, his ultimate aim, stir an emotional response. Tomorrow, Friday, May 25th is the last day to view Merritt’s “Slaying Idols,” gallery hours are noon to 6 pm.

“Carry the Fire” for Pow Wow Worcester

A Portrait of Resilience in Portland for Forest For The Trees
Mural in Miami for Basel House
Mural for Fresh Coat Mural Fest


Sherman Gallery – Marina Del Rey 2018

Croation artist Lonac has created impressive large-scale, site-specific murals across Europe and worldwide, combining photorealistic rendering with illustrative and two-dimensional stylistic elements. He’s now taken his signature style to canvas for his first solo exhibition “Strange Tales” with Thinkspace.

“Stange Tales” is currently on view from now through May 26th.

To view available pieces from the exhibition click here.

Waiting for the sky to dry” mural for “No Limit Boras” in Boras, Sweden. | Photo by Brian MacElvaine
“Vices” mural for Art Public Leiria festival in Leiria, Portugal. | Photo by Silk Fat Blues
‘Dionysus’ for Graffitina Gradele 2017. | Photos by Silk Fat Blue
“Mockingbirds” New mural for Grenoble Street Art Fest in Grenoble, France. | Photo by Andrea Berlese

Juxtapoz Features Latest RAD Napa Murals from Mars-1 and Bumblebeelovesyou

Our friends over at Juxtapoz recently featured the latest murals from our collaboration with RAD Napa. Flip through the gallery on their website for awesome progress shots and the finished pieces captured by our resident photographer, Birdman photos.


Thinkspace Projects has been curating murals for RAD Napa with support from the Wine Train and Napa Valley Vine Trail. Check out the other murals developed through the project here