Ekundayo in Miami for ‘Primary Flight’ + ‘Creative Spaces’ studio visit

Ekundayo with Pixel Pancho in Miami for 'Primary Flight'

Ekundayo was recently down in Miami, FL during Art Basel to take part in this year’s ‘Primary Flight’ exhibition. He took part in a wall alongside Pixel Pancho (Italy) and the results came out just killer.

Check out some great shots of the wall coming to life here:

Portrait of Ekundayo by Kevin Knight for 'Creative Spaces'

Kevin Knight also recently visited Ekundayo‘s old studio (he’s since moved to a larger space) as part of his going Creative Spaces series. Creative Spaces is a portrait series started by photographer Kevin Knight as a look into the seldom seen studio spaces of the top artists, writers and creative individuals.

Check out the full studio visit here:

Check out available works from Ekundayo here:

Look for more from Ekundayo in the year ahead…

Dabs Myla at it again in downtown Los Angeles…

'Only Time Will Tell' mural with Dabs Myla (Australia), Askew and Deus (New Zealand), Vans (Australia), Skore (Germany), Rime, Revok and Witness

Australian duo Dabs Myla are at it again. After rocking the Long Live The Yellow Fin’ mural alongside Craola recently, they hooked up with Askew and Deus (New Zealand), Vans (Australia), Skore (Germany), Rime, Revok, and Witness for a really interesting concept wall in downtown Los Angeles.

Askew had the idea to paint a wall based on the phrase “Only Time Will Tell” with the running theme of the 4 seasons along the wall in order, with each season teamed with each word.

VANS / RIME/ WITNES: Winter, with VANS on letter detail painting the phrase “ONLY”
DABS / MYLA / SCORE: Spring, With SCORE on letter detail painting “TIME”
REVOK / RIME: Summer, REVOK on letter/background detail painting “WILL”
ASKEW / DEUS: Fall, ASKEW on letter detail painting “TELL”

The wall took two long days and nights to complete and came out super strong. Check out more pics of the wall coming to life here: www.flickr.com/photos/thinkspace/sets/72157625677136794/

Keep up with Dabs Myla at www.dabsmyla.com

Tran Nguyen print release of ‘And Our World Came Tumbling’

Tran Nguyen 'And Our World Came Tumbling' limited edition print / published by Thinkspace

Tran Nguyen
‘And Our World Came Tumbling After’
Edition of 40 Giclee Prints (+ 3 APs / 1 printer’s proof – note: AP’s not for sale)
13×17” on Museo Portfolio Rag paper / printed with Epson HDR ink
Hand-signed and numbered by the artist
$70 each (plus tax / s&h if out of LA county)

Order your print here:

We wanted to take a second to also congratulate Tran on having her work featured in the recently published Spectrum 17 edition. Her piece ‘Our Flutter-Some Ordeal’ that showed with us during Beyond Eden 2009 is featured on a full-page.

Look for Tran’s first major solo exhibition coming up this July at Thinkspace in our main gallery space in Culver City. More details announced soon.

Keep up with Tran via her blog here:

Kelly Vivanco ‘Springs To Mind’ this coming February at Thinkspace

Kelly Vivanco 'Bearings' - 40x34 - acrylic on canvas

Kelly Vivanco ‘Springs To Mind’

We’re excited to announce the 1st major full-gallery solo exhibition from Kelly Vivanco coming up this February in our main gallery space in Culver City. Kelly will have a vast array of works on view and this show promises to be one not to miss. We’ve consistently sold every piece we’ve shown over the years from Kelly and the interest for this show is already growing, so please be sure to shoot us a mail to contact@thinkspacegallery.com and we’ll be sure you get the digital preview once it’s ready in late January.

‘Springs To Mind’ opens to the public on Sat, Feb. 5th at Thinkspace in Culver City. Look for more details to be announced soon.


Dabs and Myla get up again with Craola in downtown LA

Dabs and Myla with Craola in downtown LA (pic courtesy of Daily Dujour)

Dabs and Myla recently teamed up with Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins in downtown LA for the LA Free Walls Project presented by Jetset Graffiti. The new mural is near the corner of 7th & Mateo (right near ROA’s recent possum piece) and came out just stunning. Featuring brush work as well as can work from both, the new mural screams to be viewed in person.

Check out more pics from the painting session and some close ups of their mural here:

Also be sure to check out Dailydujour’s awesome coverage here:

Keep up with the duo here: www.dabsmyla.com

Coming August 2011
Solo in the main gallery of Thinkspace in Culver City. Crikey!