Brian M. Viveros’ new film ‘Lesser Eleusinian Mysteries’ now online

‘Lesser Eleusinian Mysteries’
Twelve minutes of slipping consciousness & ecstatic cinematic trance.

Featuring Pilar Alexandria • Brandi Lootens with soundtrack from Returning

Produced by Brian M Viveros • Eriijk Ressler
© 2012 Dislandia Folkloriques

Also be sure to look for Brian M. Viveros on the cover of the new issue of Skin Deep, the UK’s leading tattoo culture magazine. The cover features a lil’ teaser of a new work that will be featured with us this December when we take Viveros down to Miami for a special solo show. More on that soon…

‘Wild At Heart: Keep Wildlife In The Wild’ coming May 26th to Thinkspace

‘Wild At Heart – Keep Wildlife In The Wild’

Co-curated by Andrew Hosner and Amanda Erlanson

20% of all sales will go to benefit ‘Born Free USA’ and the world’s endangered species

Reception with the artists:
Sat, May 26th 5-9PM

On view May 26th – June 9th, 2012

Thinkspace is proud to present “Wild at Heart: Keep Wildlife in the Wild,” an exhibition to raise awareness about the precarious predicament of wild creatures around the world, and to benefit efforts to protect them in their natural habitat. Featuring a stellar cast of more than 100 artists from all corners of the art world, this exhibition brings together some of the most profound and innovative voices making art today. In recognition of the imperiled state of much of the world’s wildlife, each artist will apply their own unique perspective to our relationship with the fascinating creatures with whom we share our planet.

As the natural world becomes increasingly impacted by shifting climate, human greed and diminishing resources, protecting those creatures that still roam free becomes ever more vital to the soul of humanity. For even if we could continue to exist without wildlife, the spirit-crushing sadness that our species would take upon itself would surely rob all joy from life. Those majestic, miraculous, elemental beings which we admire from afar are at the root of who we are as people — from the woodland protagonists of our childhood storybooks, to the metaphors we use to describe ourselves as adults, to the animal spirits that visit us in our dreams. As we take steps to protect them from those who would rob them of their freedom, we also improve our own species’ chances to persist far into the future, both by preserving the natural world we all share, and by cherishing the sacred genesis of our imagination and symbology.

In appreciation of the magnificent creatures with whom we share the planet, Thinkspace will donate 20% of the sale price of each piece of art to Born Free USA and the Animal Protection Institute, which operate jointly as a non-profit organization that advocates worldwide for the ethical treatment and protection of wild animals, and also maintains a large sanctuary for rescued primates. To honor the animals closest to our hearts, the gallery will be accepting donations of old blankets to donate to area shelters so dogs don’t have to sleep on cold hard concrete, as well as other used and new pet supplies. The opening will feature the release of a gorgeous limited edition screenprinted poster especially created for the exhibition by the incomparable Aaron Horkey. We hope you will join us on May 26th to celebrate and defend the wild things that fill our lives with wonder and mystery.

Aaron Horkey
Adam Caldwell
Ako Castuera
Allison Sommers
Amy Dover
Amy Sol
Ana Bagayan
Andrea Offermann
Andrew Hem
Anthony Clarkson
Aron Wiesenfeld
Ben Strawn
Benjamin A. Vierling
Brad Woodfin
Brooke Grucella
Caitlin Hackett
Catherine Brooks
Chet Zar
Christina Mrozik
Craig “Skibs” Barker
Dan Lydersen
Dan-ah Kim
Darla Jackson
David Jien
David MacDowell
Derek Gores
Douglas Miller
Drew Young
Edwin Ushiro
Esao Andrews
Frank Gonzales
Fuco Ueda
Fumi Nakamura
Guy McKinley
Henrik A. Uldalen
Jacub Gagnon
Jason Limon
Jason Thielke
Jasper Wong
Jennifer Davis
Jeremy Hush
Jessamyn Patterson
Jesse Hotchkiss
Jessica Joslin
Jillian Ludwig
Joao Ruas
John Malloy
Jolene Lai
Josie Morway
Julie West
Katherine Brannock
Kelly Allen
Kelly Vivanco
Kikyz 1313
Know Hope
Laura Bifano
Leontine Greenberg
Lindsey Carr
Linnea Strid
Lucrezia Bieler
Luke Chueh
Mari Inukai
Martin Wittfooth
Mary Iverson
Matt Doust
Matthew Grabelsky
Megan Wolfe
Mia Brownell
Michael Ramstead
Mike Alvarez
Mike Brown
Naoto Hattori
Nathan DeYoung
Nimit Malavia
Pakayla Biehn
Paul Barnes
Pedro Matos
Phil Hale
Philippe Baudelocque
Rebekah Bogard
Regan Rosburg
Reinier Gamboa
Rob Sato
Robert Proch
Rodrigo Cifuentes
Rodrigo Luff
Rose Sanderson
Sarah Muirhead
Scott Belcastro
Seamus Conley
Sean Chao
Sean Mahan
Shark Toof
Simon Prades
Souther Salazar
Stella Im Hultberg
Tasha Kusama
Tessar Lo
The Yok
Timothy Karpinski
Tom Haubrick
Wayne White
White Cocoa (aka Catherine Karnoff)
Yosuke Ueno

PLUS a silent auction of donated rare prints from Mark Ryden, Marion Peck and Audrey Kawasaki with all proceeds going to support Born Free USA

About Born Free USA:
Born Free USA is a national animal advocacy nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, contributions to which are tax-deductible. Our mission is to end the suffering of wild animals in captivity, rescue individual animals in need, protect wildlife — including highly endangered species — in their natural habitats, and encourage compassionate conservation globally. Every year, millions of animals suffer in fur farms and circus cages. In our campaigns against such cruelties, we use powerful tools including legislation, public education, litigation, and grassroots networking. We also work actively with media to spread the word about challenges facing animals.

Our primary campaign areas currently include animals used in entertainment, captive exotic animals, trapping & fur, and the international wildlife trade.

For much more information:

Thinkspace / 6009 Washington Blvd. in Culver City, CA /

Stephanie Buer’s ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ coming up on April 28th at Thinkspace

Stephanie Buer began pursing a career in art at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan where she fell in love with the city and urban exploration. She spent the next ten years living in Detroit and developing as an artist.

Her urban landscapes explore the many layers of history found in the marginal areas of cities. From the imprints of industry and production to its eventual decay, each subject has a historical context, an original purpose that is now lost. She is fascinated by how these places change as they succumb to the manipulation of vandals, artists and the resilience of nature ever slowly growing alongside. Through her art Stephanie seeks to find beauty and peace in these forgotten and unloved areas of cities. She currently works in Portland, Oregon at her studio in the Falcon Art Community.

Take a look inside Stephanie’s studio in Portland here:

Look for an interview with Stephanie to be posted here sometime next week.

Stephanie Buer
‘Nothing Lasts Forever’

Reception with the artists:
Sat, April 28th 5-8PM

On view April 28th through May 19th

Thinkspace / 6009 Washington Blvd. in Culver City, CA /

‘New Blood’ curated by Morgan Spurlock coming up April 28th at Thinkspace

‘New Blood’
Curated by Morgan Spurlock

Reception with the artists:
Sat, April 28th 5-9PM

On view April 28th through May 19th

Featuring new works from artists who have changed the art world forever, and their ‘New Blood’: the next wave of hand picked art stars.

Camille Rose Garcia / Travis Lampe
The Date Farmers / Albert Reyes
Dzine / Jesus Bubu Negron
Elizabeth McGrath / Morgan Slade
Gary Baseman / Jesse Dickenson
Gary Taxali / Adrian Forrow
Jonathan Yeo / Charlie Gouldsborough
Mark Jenkins / Sandra Fernandez
Nicola Verlato / Marco Mazzoni (featured above)
Ron English / Kid Zoom
Saber / ZES
Shepard Fairey / Nicholas Bowers
Tim Biskup / Patrick Hruby

Watch for a series of interviews with many of the featured artists to be posted here in the weeks ahead as well as a short interview with Morgan himself.

Check out the trailer to Morgan’s new movie ‘Comic-Con: Episode IV – A Fan’s Hope’:

Take a sneak peek at the show coming together here:

Facebook event:

Thinkspace / 6009 Washington Blvd. in Culver City, CA /

Updated: New prints from Yosuke Ueno now available via Thinkspace

Yosuke Ueno 'Positive E no.06'

We’re excited to be publishing two new giclee prints from Yosuke Ueno in celebration of his Los Angeles solo exhibit currently on view at Thinkspace.

Yosuke Ueno
‘Positive E no.6’
16×22” paper size with 14×20” image area
Giclee print on Museo Portfolio Rag Paper
Edition of 20 + 3APs
Hand signed & numbered by artist
$100 each

Yosuke Ueno 'The Sound of efiL'

Yosuke Ueno
‘The Sound of efiL’
16×22” paper size with 14×20” image area
Giclee print on Museo Portfolio Rag Paper
Edition of 20 + 3APs
Hand signed & numbered by artist
$100 each

Order your print(s) here: