Thinkspace at the Affordable Art Fair recap

Opening night of the Affordable Art Fair
Thinkspace's booth at the Affordable Art Fair LA

Last week the Thinkspace crew took part in the Affordable Art Fair in downtown Los Angeles. We had a great response overall and hosted some great talks with the likes of Morgan Spurlock, artist duo Dabs Myla and writer and collector Amanda Erlanson.

Thinkspace's booth at the Affordable Art Fair LA (main aisle wall)
Jacub Gagon "Cute As A Mutton" - acrylic on canvas (2011)

Take a look at the works we showcased during the fair here:

Just drop us a line to if you see a work you would like to inquire about.

Dabs Myla's mural "Just Breathe" for the Affordable Art Fair - presented by Thinkspace
Thinkspace's booth at the Affordable Art Fair

Take a look at pics from the opening night kick-off of the fair here:

Thinkspace's booth at the Affordable Art Fair LA
Thinkspace's booth at the Affordable Art Fair LA

Thank you to everyone that came out and showed support!

Get ready for Ana Bagayan and Liz Brizzi up next on Feb. 4th at our gallery in Culver City.

Last week to catch our current exhibits at Thinkspace

Linnea Strid 'Quiet' - oil on wood panel (2011)

“Inspired by human emotions and the tedious details in everyday routine, Linnea Strid creates hyper-realistic oil paintings depicting the insignificant actions involving water that we mechanically repeat in any given day. In ‘As It Falls Over You’, Linnea explores the darker side of the human psyche conveyed through water, thereby opening the door to our most private moments and personal stories.” – Platinum Cheese

Check out Platinum Cheese’s interview with Linnea here:

Nathan DeYoung 'Porcelain' - acrylic on MDF panel (2011)

DeYoung’s first solo exhibit with the gallery highlights concepts of strength and desire via flawless renderings of feminine allure saturated with vibrant hues. This latest body of work also offers DeYoung’s first abstract works–intense, palpable energy on display in every brushstroke.– Hi-Fructose

View all the works in ‘As It Falls Over You‘ here:

Leontine Greenberg 'Satellite' - Watercolor, gouache and pencil on paper (2011)

View all the works in ‘Specimens‘ from Leontine Greenberg here:

David Cooley 'Rhythmic Nonsense' - Acrylic, Spray Paint and Resin on Found Fabric adhered to wood (2011)

View all the works in ‘Rhythmic Nonsense‘ from David Cooley here:

All exhibits on view through Fri, December 30th. We’ll be open this coming Wed, Dec. 28th through Fri, Dec. 30th from 1 to 6PM each day. These will be your final days to view our current exhibits. Please note we’ll be closed from Dec. 31st through Jan. 6th for installation of our upcoming shows from Esao Andrews and Allison Sommers which open on Sat, Jan. 7th.

Thinkspace / 6009 Washington Blvd. in Culver City, CA /

An interview with Leontine Greenberg

Leontine at work in her NY studio

Leontine Greenberg grew up in Tucson, Arizona, and now lives in Jackson Heights, Queens with her husband, daughter and two cats. Her favorite cities are Barcelona, Hong Kong, and New York. Her favorite foods are Pad Thai and mayonnaise sandwiches. She does not always eat her vegetables. She is inspired by other people’s photographs, old boats, city rooftops, the coming environmental apocalypse and Beatrix Potter.

Leontine Greenberg 'Devourer' - watercolor, gouache and pencil on paper (2011)

Can you share a lil’ bit about the themes behind your new body of work for ‘Specimens’?

The first drawings I did for Specimens were the ones of the birds dressed up in ridiculous giant paper mache heads. They’re obviously trying to be something they’re not, but I don’t know who they think they’re fooling. I’d just gotten back to NYC from Los Angeles when I started drawing them, so I suspect I was reacting to the general aura of artifice and theatricality that permeates your town. (And that’s a good thing! Artifice and theatricality are awesome.)

The other works in the show are based on ideas about technology and nature that I’ve touched on in a lot of my previous work.

Work in progress for 'Specimens'

What does the crow / black bird symbolize to you in your works?

The birds are meant to be the viewpoint character, the everyman. You’re the bird; I’m the bird…and whatever’s going on in the world, there are probably some little birds watching it happen. Next time you’re outside, look around. You’ll probably find a bird within 20 seconds.

What fuels you to keep creating?

I can’t help it, basically. If I go too long without making something, I start arranging the crumbs on the table into pictures.

Leontine Greenberg 'Her' - watercolor, gouache, and pencil on paper (2011)

Please describe your dream project if time and money were not issues.

More paintings! Bigger paintings! A children’s book and a comic book. If I had infinite time, infinite money and an army of helpful clones, I’d make an animated film.

Favorite item in your studio?

My studio is my apartment, so my favorite thing in it is my family. When they’re not around, it’s my Zebra .5mm mechanical pencil and HB leads. Or my cats.

Work in progress for 'Specimens'

Is there anyone in particular, artist or otherwise, that you’d like to give a shout out to here?

My friend Ahn Behrens who ran Cooper Gallery in Jersey City–the first gallery I ever showed at–and who died in 2007. I wish she could see what’s happening now in the lowbrow art world, particularly the great work that’s being shown by female artists. She’d love it.

Any shows or special projects coming up after your exhibit with us here at Thinkspace you would like to mention?

I have a show with Lou Pimentel coming up at myplasticheart in New York and another solo with Gallery1988 in LA.

Leontine Greenberg 'Incognito' - watercolor, gouache, and pencil on paper (2011)

Artist website:

Take a ‘Sneak Peek’ at the works for ’Specimens’ coming together here:

Reception with the artist: Sat, December 10th 5-8PM in our project room

Exhibit on view: December 10th through December 30th, 2011

Thinkspace / 6009 Washington Blvd. in Culver City, CA /

Linnea Strid featured in the new issue of Juxtapoz

Linnea Strid is featured with a ‘Profile’ piece in the new issue of Juxtapoz (Dec issue with Mark Ryden cover) – on news stands now.

Take a ‘Sneak Peek’ at the works for ’As It Falls Over You’ coming together here:

Nathan DeYoung & Linnea Strid
‘As It Falls Over You’

Reception with the artists: Sat, December 10th 5-8PM

Exhibits on view: December 10th through December 30th, 2011

Thinkspace / 6009 Washington Blvd. in Culver City, CA /

Nathan DeYoung and Linnea Strid coming up on December 10th at Thinkspace

Linnea Strid at work in her studio in Sweden
Linnea Strid "No Looking Back" - oil on wood panel (2011)

Linnea Strid started to paint and draw as soon as she could hold a crayon in her hand. When growing up, she was handed a pile of ‘Learn-How-To-Paint-In-Oil’ books, but stubbornly ignored the written guidelines and instead tried to copy the paintings found in the books without any instruction. This persistent eagerness to be creative while doing things her own way hasn’t changed much over the years. Linnea currently lives in Sweden and enjoys creating lifelike, almost painfully over exposed portratis and with her most recent body of work, she playfully explores the complex relation between people and water, and how it can intensify all of the human emotions in one way or another.

Linnea Strid "In The End, There's Only Persistence Left" - oil on wood panel (2011)

Show statement from Linnea Strid:
I often get the question why I decided to start painting water in the first place, and what it all means to me. That can be a bit tricky to answer since I feel that I’ve gone a long way from my first water portrait. In the beginning, it was all just an experiment – a macabre fantasy – what if I depicted myself as drowned? How would it look? After that, I moved along to focusing on the small details in everyday routines: unsignificant actions involving water that we repeat mechanically a million times, over and over and over. Somehow,with time it has grown to something bigger and more important to me. I’ve always been obsessed by painting faces showing different emotions, and I’ve discovered water to be the perfect medium to convey this. Water can bring out so much emotions, and by opening the door ajar to our most private moments there are a lot of different stories waiting to be told. No day is exactly like the other, nothing in life is permanent and the water that surrounds us is just as fugitive as our feelings.

Nathan DeYoung at work inside his studio in Southern California
Nathan DeYoung "Warpaint II - Reflections In - Looping Loose Air" - Acrylic on MDF board (2011)

Nathan DeYoung‘s work stems from an inquisitive desire to connect with and understand those around him. DeYoung revels in people watching and trying to connect the human elements that bind us all together. However, because he is more or less offering his observations of others DeYoung finds a large amount of grey matter, where less is certain and more is implied. DeYoung’s work attempts to relate/conceptualize these observations and assumptions by using a mixture of delicate, soft painting and gestural frenzies of color and shape, with the hope that insight into others and their actions will enable a deeper understanding of his own self.

Nathan DeYoung "Porcelain" - Acrylic on MDF Board (2011)

Show statement from Nathan DeYoung:
There is no end to what we can learn from each other. Our interactions with those that surround us can prove to be a telling tale, one that paints a complex portrait of who and what we are. Highlighting our senses, instincts, strengths, failings and desires ‘As It Falls Over You’ is a body focused on realization, acceptance, and observation.

Take a ‘Sneak Peek’ at the works for ’As It Falls Over You’ coming together here:

Nathan DeYoung & Linnea Strid
‘As It Falls Over You’

Reception with the artists: Sat, December 10th 5-8PM

Exhibits on view: December 10th through December 30th, 2011

Thinkspace / 6009 Washington Blvd. in Culver City, CA /

One week left to catch ‘The Best of Times’ from DABS MYLA at Thinkspace

DABS MYLA "Golden Moments With Smokey Bear" - 48x48 inches - acrylic on wood panel (2011)

“Dabs Myla’s ‘The Best of Times’ was like stepping into a twisted colorful wonderland – think that Disney version of ‘Sword in the Stone’ where the teacups and such come to life at Merlin’s… meets the psychedelic part of Dumbo… and then make it all a little less PG.” –

Check out our full set of opening night pics here:

‘The Best of Times‘ from DABS MYLA is only on view for one more week – don’t miss it!

This coming Wednesday through Friday from 1 to 6PM each day and then Saturday from 1 to 8PMthose will be your final chances to catch one of the best exhibits to rock LA so far this year!

Thinkspace / 6009 Washington Blvd. in Culver City, CA /

‘Street Art Saved My Life: 39 New York Stories’ on view through Sept. 4th at C.A.V.E.

LUDO on the streets of LA as part of the 'LA Free Walls Project'

Street Art Saved My Life isn’t just street art in a gallery — Harrington and Rojo asked artists to play off of their street art to contribute fine art works that use a variety of mediums and work in the no-context space of a gallery. This yielded a surprisingly thoughtful and earnest outcome: in an artistic culture known for its focus on anarchic self-expression, it is surprising to see that so many pieces in the exhibit comment on serious social issues in an immediate way.” – LA Weekly

‎”In the spotlight created by MOCA’s ‘Art in the Streets’, many galleries have offered group shows in LA promoting different visions of what is purported to be ‘quality’ or even ‘the best’ street art. Unlike many pretenders that have come before it, ‘Street Art Saved My Life’ is the real deal and definitely worth a visit.” –

“The show is an interesting concept and definitely serves as one of the more thought out ones from recent memory. 39 (mostly NYC) artists have been selected by BSA for their consistent use of narratives in their work; artists who utilize the streets as a forum for their stories and storytelling are the focus. The inclusion of both established and emerging artists, along with the intriguing concept, make this more than your standard street art show and it looks to be a great alternative view of the scene.” –

“The show was meant to display the current street art scene that’s taking place across New York and the surrounding areas. Although not all artists were born in that region, all of them have left their stamp on the East Coast street art scene one way or another and this exhibit was meant to show this in the best light possible. Although it can be difficult to feature a wide group of artists during one exhibit, the surrounding theme held the show in place. A great majority of the art focused on the New York experience but it also helped illuminate personal stories that touched more on the topic of family, friendships, and politics. Overall, the show featured a great collection of artists and various styles, so for anyone looking for a peek into the current street art movement happening in the East Coast, make sure you stop by before it closes on September 4th.” –

Check out LA Weekly’s coverage of the show and an interview with some of the featured artists here:

Check out Brooklyn Street Art’s coverage of the show here:

Check out Arrested Motion’s full coverage of the show here:“street-art-saved-my-life”-c-a-v-e-gallery/

Catch BSA’s coverage of the artists at work around Venice and LA here:

Some great pics of NohJColey and Hellbent at work in Venice also viewable here:

Coverage from Platinum Cheese of the opening festivities here:

View our pics from the opening here:

Some amazing works are still available – view the show online here:

‘Street Art Saved My Life: 39 New York Stories’

Curated by Steven P. Harrington and Jaime Rojo, founders of Brooklyn Street Art
In collaboration with Thinkspace

On view through September 4th

C.A.V.E. Gallery
1108 Abbot Kinney Blvd. in Venice