Digital previews for Yosuke Ueno, Jacub Gagnon, and David MacDowell (opening April 30th at Thinkspace)

Yosuke Ueno 'Electric Civilization' - 25x25" - acrylic on canvas

‘Elements and Oddities’ features a collection of 23 acrylic works on canvas from two of the leading voices in the new pop surrealism movement. Hailing from Canada, Jacub Gagnon examines the natural world’s connection to the inanimate and the relationships between humans and the animal kingdom in his detail drenched works which are set in a dark ‘every place’ void. Gagnon’s examinations of the unnatural state of nature are the perfect compliment to Yosuke Ueno‘s illusory landscapes rife with icons both puzzling and perfect. Ueno’s work is a refreshing mix of positive elements and colossal hope that echo the history of his native Japan. The two come together in ‘Elements and Oddites’ to play off each other in the most compelling way.

Jacub Gagnon 'Hold Your Little Horses' - 24x12" - acrylic on canvas

‘Elements and Oddities’
Featuring new works from Jacub Gagnon and Yosuke Ueno

View the works featured in ‘Elements and Oddities‘ via our digital preview:

David MacDowell 'Who You Gonna Call?" - 16x20" - acrylic on canvas

ALSO showing concurrently in our project room will be ‘Lowbrow Love Letter’, an exhibition of 11 new acrylic works on canvas from east coast pop surrealist extraordinaire David MacDowell in what will be his second solo exhibition with our gallery. ‘Lowbrow Love Letter’ features some of MacDowell’s most brazen and hyper surreal works to date. Be sure to come through this Saturday to discover for yourself why Arrested Motion refer to him as a “master satirist painter“.

View the works in ‘Lowbrow Love Letter‘ via our digital preview:

David Cooley 'Row, Row, Row Your Boat' - 24x20" - acrylic on treated printed fabric adhered to wood panel

We will also be showcasing a series of five new works from local artist David Cooley in our office area. Look for a digital preview of these works later this week. His paintings are layered with little 3D paint ‘spikes’ which are hand-painted over printed fabric with the precision of a surgeon and the patience of a saint. His work simply demands in-person viewing.

Please let us know if you have any questions, require additional images, or would like to purchase any of the works in either of this month’s exhibitions. Just shoot us an e-mail to and we will get right back to you with full details. PLEASE NOTE: We’ll begin getting back to folks on Thursday afternoon, April 28th after all have had the chance to view the digital previews. We have a large list of regular patrons for all three artists and we’re just making sure everyone has had the chance to see the previews before we start following up, so please know speed of response doesn’t guarantee anything.

Reception with the artists:
THIS Saturday, April 30th from 6-8PM
~ All the artists will be in attendance ~

Thinkspace / 6009 Washington Blvd in Culver City /

‘BUDDHASTAR2011’ video from Yosuke Ueno

Yosuke Ueno just shot us over his third short film that he’s created as he prepares for ‘Elements and Oddities’. This new piece documents the painting “BUDDHASTAR2011” coming to life outside in the backyard of the home he’s been staying at while in LA for the past couple weeks (thanks Gino!). Yosuke has also completed two other short films that we will be debuting this Saturday during the artist reception from 6-8PM. All five short films will be on view playing in our bar area.

‘Elements and Oddities’
New works from Yosuke Ueno and Jacub Gagnon

Reception with the artists: Sat, April 30th 6-8PM

Take a look inside both artist’s studios as they prepare for the show here:

On view April 30th – May 14th

Thinkspace / 6009 Washington Blvd. / Culver City, CA 90232 /

Arrested Motion interview Jacub Gagnon

Jacub Gagnon 'Cakes and Ladders' - acrylic on canvas

Arrested Motion just posted their in-depth interview with emerging Canadian artist Jacub Gagnon as he prepares to make the trip down to LA for his big ‘Elements and Oddities‘ show which opens this Saturday alongside new works from Japan’s Yosuke Ueno.

“I feel as though there is more to life than we know and this will always be so. I think there are connections and streams of consciousness tying us together in unimaginable ways. In my paintings I try to make these ‘unlikely’ connections, the unimaginable, imaginable, bringing what might seem like unconnected or unlikely paths of life together under a new light.” – Jacub Gagnon

Check out Arrested Motion’s full interview with Gagnon here:

Check out pics from Gagnon’s studio along with a look inside Ueno’s studio here:

‘Elements and Oddities’
New works from Jacub Gagnon and Yosuke Ueno

Reception with the artists: Sat, April 30th 6-8PM

On view April 30th – May 14th

Thinkspace / 6009 Washington Blvd. / Culver City, CA 90232 / Wed-Fri 1 to 6PM and Sat 1 to 8PM

Arrested Motion interview David MacDowell

David MacDowell 'The Vengeance Of Luke Chueh' - acrylic on canvas

Arrested Motion have just posted their interview with David MacDowell as he prepares to unleash the goodness that is his ‘Lowbrow Love Letter‘ this coming Sat, April 30th at Thinkspace. Read on to discover why Arrested Motion refer to him as a “master satirist painter”.

Check out Arrested Motion’s full interview with MacDowell here:

In case you missed it, Juxtapoz just interview MacDowell as well:

David MacDowell ‘Lowbrow Love Letter’

Reception with the artist: Sat, April 30th 6-8PM in our project room

On view April 30th – May 14th in our project room

Details will be announced later this week for the limited edition print release of ‘Abide’.

Thinkspace / 6009 Washington Blvd. / Culver City, CA 90232 / Wed-Fri 1 to 6PM – Sat 1 to 8PM

LAMAG Benefit Auction this Sun, May 1st

Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Art Park

LAMAG Benefit Auction – Sunday, May 1st · 3-6 PM

Final plans are in motion for the Auction and Party featuring more than 100 artists’ work to benefit the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery. Don’t miss this evening of creativity and fun with a mix of artists and creators, business, cultural, and civic leaders – all celebrating LAMAG’s legacy and its bright future.

LAMAG is L.A.’s gallery and they need your support! To purchase tickets: Click here. To Preview the art works: Click here.

All proceeds from the benefit and auction will go to support the gallery’s innovative exhibitions, stimulating special programs, provocative lecture and educational events, cutting-edge curatorial initiatives, and insightful catalogues and publications.

Hors d’œuvres and wine are included in the price of admission. Music will be provided by DJ Colin Kim plus be on the look out for the Untitled Collective’s interventions that reveal (or conceal) layers of meaning and mystery.

Hot, established and emerging artists in the auction include:
Kim Abeles | Edith Abeyta | Suzanne Adelman | Lita Albuquerque | Juna Amano | Michael Arata | Edgar Arceneaux | John Baldessari | Judie Bamber | Kireilyn Barber | Christopher Barbour | Lou Beach | Barbara Berk | Richard Bilow | Sandow Birk | Caroline Blackburn | Richard Bilow | Jodi Bonassi | Amy Bouse | Angie Bray | Tony Brown | Nancy Buchanan | Anita Bunn | Rude Calderon | Jo Ann Callis | Max King Cap | Castillo | Ching Ching Cheng | Anthony Clarkson | Joe Davidson | Roberto Delgado | Raoul de la Sota | David DiMichele | Renee Dominique | Dana Duff | Sam Durant | Val Echavarria | Edem Elesh | Shepard Fairey | Nicholas Fedak II | Alice Fellows | Judy Fiskin | Kathi Flood | Martin Gantman | Carol Goldmark | Orestes Gonzalez | Phyllis Green | Todd Gray | Mark Steven Greenfield | Iva Gueorguieva | Mary Addison Hackett | Doug Harvey | Charles Hachadourian | Marybeth Heffernan | Bonita Helmer | Juan Carlos Muñoz Hernandez | Anne Hieronymus | Linda Jacobson | Gegam Kacherian | Mike Kelley & Michael Smith | Siri Kaur | Yoichi Kawamura | Soo Kim | Nicholette Kominos | Maddy LeMel | Christophe Leroux | J.J. L’Heureux | Peter Liashkov | Ronald J. Llanos | Nuttaphol Ma | Daniel Joseph Martinez | Meg Madison | Barry Markowitz | David MacDowell | Charlene Matthews | Mineo Mizuno | John Mooney | Aaron Morse | Manfred Müller | Rosalyn Myles | Kristen Neveu | John David O’Brien | Chris Oatey | Stas Orlovski | Ara Oshagan | Sheila Pinkel | Mei Xian Qiu | Megan Quinn | Stuart Rapeport | Tony de los Reyes | Rebecca Ripple | Frank Romero | Charlene Roth | Joy J. Rotblatt | Scarlett Rouge | Ross Rudel | Alison Saar | Betye Saar | Lezley Saar | Connie Samaras | Gwen Samuels | Richard Serra | Michael Sheehan | Kyungmi Shin | Peter Shire | Karen Sikie | Nathan Singer | Anna E. Siqueiros | May Sun | Kent Twitchell | Yosuke Ueno | Mauricio Vallejo | Margo Victor | Margaret von Biesen | Pat Warner | Marnie Weber | Weegee | Wayne White | Alexandra Wiesenfeld | Norton Wisdom | Karen Frimkess Wolff | Nan Wollman | Augusta Wood | Michiko Yao | Liat Yossifor | Mary Younakof | Liz Young | Carrie Yury

Guest Auctioneer: Alex Slato, Associate Director, LA Artcore

George Billis Gallery LA
Edward Cella, Edward Cella Art + Architecture
Mary Leigh Cherry, Cherry and Martin
Stephen Cohen, Photo LA/Art LA Projects
A. McLean Emenegger, Milo + Mclean/Mclean Fine Art
Kristi Engle, Kristi Engle Gallery
Sidney Felsen & Joni Moisant Weyl, Gemini G.E.L.
Lauri Firstenberg, LAXArt
Emi Fontana, West of Rome Public Art
Peter Frank, Huffington Post/Fabrik Magazine
Kathy Gallegos, Avenue 50 Studio
Eric Garcetti , LA City Council
Edward Goldman, Art Talk KCRW
Andrew Hosner, Thinkspace
Merry Karnowsky, Merry Karnowsky Gallery
Nowell J. Karten
Tom La Bonge, LA City Council
Steven Lavine, CalArts
Hillary Metz
Merry Norris, Merry Norris Contemporary Art
Jack Rutberg, Jack Rutberg Gallery
Billy Shire, La Luz de Jesus Gallery
Franklin Sirmans, Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Rose Soshana, Rose Gallery
Louis Stern, Louis Stern Fine Arts

Artillery Magazine, Barnsdall Art Park Foundation, Fine Art Solutions, Finishing Concepts, Jeff Kies Custom Picture Framing, and New Alchemy Framing

For donations and information contact:
Meg Madison, Program Committee Chair
Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery Associates / 213.393.9333