Know Hope in town from Israel…

Know Hope is in town from Israel and is just killing it. You may have noticed some of his beautiful wheat pastes up about the LaBrea/Melrose area in the past week (see below) or perhaps been lucky enough to see one of his street lamp installs before someone ran off with ’em… either way, his show this Sat at Carmichael alongside Asbestos, Cherri Wood, The Dark and Kngee is one not to miss. KH and the Carmichael crew have transformed the back gallery into something that really needs to be seen in person. The beauty above is our latest addition.

Joshua Clay solo nears…

Joshua Clay’s 2nd solo show with our gallery is getting near… sneak previews will be posted as we head into the show at:
Joshua is pictured above in front of the mural he did recently in London with KMNDZ, Ekundayo and Mike Maxwell. The full mural is actually featured as the inside front and back inside color spreads of the new ‘London Street Art 2’ book issued by Prestel. It lasted all of a day, before some street art pirates came and snapped it up off the streets… considering the sheer size of this massive mural, it must have been a very planned out attack.
Watch for more sneak peaks to be posted soon.

Recommended openings to catch this weekend…

Recommended openings to catch this weekend…

Fri, June 20th
The Grind
12222 Venice Blvd in Los Angeles
“Wine & Chocolates” with new works from Naomi Nowak, Yuki Miyazaki, Grace Albelda, Nicole Bruckman, Danni Shinya Luo and more
(On view through July 11th)

Sat, June 21st 7-10PM
Appleagate Gallery
3101-A Main Street in Santa Monica
New works from Rick Reese and Robert Palacios(On view through July 16th)

Sat, June 21st 8PM-Midnight
Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art
1257 N. La Brea Ave in West Hollywood / 323.969.0600
“Take A Deep Breath” featuring Know Hope, Asbestos, Cherri Wood, The Dark and Kngee
(On view through July 20th)

Sat, June 21st 6:30-10PM
2062 Sawtelle Blvd in Los Angeles / 310.445.9276
“Convolvere” featuring new works from Jack Long
(On view through July 16th)

Sat, June 21st 7:30-10:30PM
4017 Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles
“Flaunt” featuring new works from Martha Rich, Mark Todd, Lynn Baik, Aaron Smith, Freida Gossett, Kyoko Kawasaki, Tasha Kusama, Nolina Burge, Jason Holley, Sean Cassidy and many more
(On view through July 31t)

Sat, June 21st 4-8PM
Monkeyhouse Toys and Art Gallery
1618 ½ Silver Lake Blvd in Los Angeles / 323.662.3437
“Sugar Rush” featuring works from 40 emerging female artists including Jenna Colby, Misha, Delphia, Anna Chambers, Melissa Contreras, Catherine Brooks, and many more.
(On view through July 5th)

Sun, June 22nd 11AM-5PM ($10 museum admission)
Laguna Art Museum
307 Cliff Drive in Laguna Beach / 949.494.8971
“In The Land Of Retinal Delights: The Juxtapoz Factor” is an exhibition that presents the work of 150 artists and posits that there has been a huge, but unacknowledged art movement taking place in this country for the last 40 years. Since 1994, this ground swelling of lowbrow, surrealistic, pop, figurative, narrative work has coalesced and found a voice in the pages of Juxtapoz magazine published in San Francisco. This rag has become the most widely read art magazine in the US. It is an influencing force on the aspiring artists of Generation Y and the Millenials, who are now enrolling in art schools in numbers never seen before.
(On view through October 5th)

Sun, June 22nd @ 8PM
The Normandie Room
8737 Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood / (310) 659-6204
“A Peepshow in West Hollywood” – Alexandra Gibson’s Erotica Photography