ELBOW-TOE: first look at finished work from ‘Mostly Memory’…

Chalice Begonia
Charcoal and acrylic paint mounted on reclaimed lumber on birch support
35 x 46 inches
WOW. Just killin’ it.

Get ready everyone…
Mostly Memory
Opening: Fri, Dec. 12th 7-11PM
A special talk with both artists and a book-signing with ARMSROCK will also take place on Sat, Dec. 13th – full details announced soon, mark your calendars now.
PLUS there will be a special print release from each artist courtesy of the fine folks over at Jet Set Graffiti – more details will be posted on this soon.

ELBOW-TOE interviewed by the BBC…

ELBOW-TOE just checked in with some amazing news:
“As an avid listener of NPR and the BBC World Service I am beyond honored to have been chosen as a subject for a documentary on street art in New York (that will air on the BBC). A wonderful reporter spent the better part of a week hanging out with me discussing art and life.”

For more information on the BBC program and how to subscribe to the podcast click below:

First air date is Fri, November 21st – all details are available at the link posted above.

The BBC, Juxtapoz.com, FecalFace.com, JetSetGraffiti, My Love For You… coverage is coming from all corners… and much more to come, that’s for sure, including a feature in an upcoming issue of Juxtapoz.
“We couldn’t be happier Elbow-Toe is getting his due props, as well as the entire genre of contemporary street and gallery artwork that this talented fellow embodies.” – Juxtapoz

Mostly Memory
Opening Reception: Fri, Dec. 12th 7-11PM

ARMSROCK featured in the new Juxtapoz…

ARMSROCK is featured in the new issue of Juxtapoz (Sam Flores on cover / see below) that hits stands next week. An in-depth 14-page interview can be found inside and offers an amazing look inside the psyche of a very special person. The new issue also includes a show preview of ‘Mostly Memory’ in the ‘Events’ section along with an image from ELBOW-TOE. Nice.

Be sure to pick up your copy and get acquainted with ARMSROCK. Watch for a feature with ELBOW-TOE in a future issue as well… more on that soon.

Mostly Memory
Opening Reception: Fri, Dec. 12th 7-11PM

ELBOW-TOE debuts his "every-man" on the streets of Brooklyn…

“My current body of work is an allegory about memory’s power to hold us back or move us forward. The central character in this parable is a 6 x 10 foot linocut of an Everyman (shown above making his debut on the streets of Brooklyn this past weekend), who has lost it all and wanders the plains with all his belongings strapped to his back. He navigates a world in crisis by learning from his past. The remainder of the characters that he encounters are individuals lost in regret. I have developed these paintings and prints during the American housing and credit crisis of the past year. In contemplating where we are and where we might be, I have found myself looking back at history, remembering the Great Depression, and considering what effects it had on the American psyche. The uncertainty that existed then is present now, and I am addressing the kind of escapism through nostalgia that can occur in the midst of calamity. Every character that the Everyman sees is gripped by this need to escape their present circumstance. They are people lost in a memory at the very point when they should be paying attention to what lies ahead. Many different artists have inspired the flavor of this world including the photography of Walker Evans, the films of the Cohen brothers, the music of Tom Waits and the theatre of Robert Wilson.” – ELBOW-TOE

Peep the ‘sneak peek’ via the link below for more from ELBOW-TOE. Many new shots have been uploaded and more still to be loaded as we near the opening of Mostly Memory:

Mostly Memory
Opening Reception: Fri, Dec. 12th 7-11PM
Both artists will be on hand doing an install, street work, and a talk the afternoon following the show (details announced soon).
Plans are in place to have Jet Set Graffiti flim both artists doing a mural somewhere in downtown LA area as well as portions of the install process at our gallery hopefully. If you haven’t checked out Jet Set’s site, be sure to do so. They just posted a great in the studio report with ELBOW-TOE and have a couple older videos up as well from ARMSROCK and many others, including Ron English and Invader.