Alex Yanes’ New Mural Now In Venice with Rag & Bone

Alex Yanes Venice Mural

Building off of his 28 feet wide and 10 feet tall Vitality & Verve installation at the Long Beach Museum of Art last summer; Alex Yanes new mural is a 70 by 13 feet installed creation on the side of Rag & Bone off Abbot Kinney in Venice, California.

The LA Times wrote a fantastic article on the changing Venice landscape and Alex’s part in keeping it’s artistic roots. Please visit the LA Times website for the full story.

Alex Yanes Venice Mural

You can also find Alex Yanes‘ full artist bio and available works up on the Thinkspace Gallery website.

Alex Yanes Venice Mural

Alex Yanes Mural details

Alex Yanes Venice Mural

Photos courtesy of Birdman

Audrey Kawasaki POW! WOW! Hawaii Mural Recap

Audrey Kawasaki Pow Wow

Audrey Kawasaki took the time to write out her personal experience of painting “The Siren” a 23 ft by 37ft mural for POW! WOW! Hawaii 2016. The thoughtful piece covers her initial concept and color testing to execution in front of an ever-changing audience. We encourage you to read her recap and view additional behind the scene photos that capture the process of bringing “The Siren” to life.

Full article on Audrey Kawasaki’s Blog. 

I’m not much of a writer, but I think it’s important to record my personal experience at Pow! Wow! Hawaii! What began with feeling anxious, nervous, overwhelmed, and even dreadful, ended up becoming one of the most beautiful, eye-opening, life changing experiences ever. – A. Kawasaki

Fresh Low Bros Mural Located in Echo Park

complete mural

completed mural @Thinkspace_Art Instagram

In a collaboration with Branded Arts, this past week the Low Bros duo have been painting a bright mural in Echo Park on the wall of 88monks. The two have been in town for their upcoming show ‘Wasted Youth’ at Thinkspace Gallery,  opening Saturday, June 20th; and next up they’ll be transforming the inside of Long Beach Museum of Art for ‘Vitality and Verve’. Although a long way from home, these two hard-working artists are far from being on a vacation.

Special thanks to Graphaids and Montana Cans for the deal on supplies.

low bros mural


photo from @Thinkspace_Art Instagram

paint from graphaids

photo from Low Bros Instagram 

low bro mural echo park II

photo from @Thinkspace_Art Instagram

Low Bros at 88monks

photo from 88monks Instagram 

For additional information on ‘Wasted Youth’ please visit the Thinkspace Gallery website.