Preview of Andrew Hem Mural for “Vitality & Verve: In The Third Dimension”

In an interview and film by Selina Miles, we get a preview of Andrew Hem‘s installation for “Vitality & Verve: In The Third Dimension” presented by the Long Beach Museum of Art in collaboration with Thinkspace Gallery and Pow! Wow! Long Beach.

Tickets to the kickoff event this Friday, July 15th are available at

“Vitality & Verve: In The Third Dimension” will be on view at LBMA from July 16th to October 16th, 2016.  For more information on the exhibition please visit the Thinkspace Gallery website.

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This August at the Lancaster MOAH : The New Vangaurd curated by Thinkspace

The New Vangaurd

The New Vanguard
Curated by Thinkspace / taking place at the Lancaster MOAH
August 13 – October 30, 2016

The Lancaster Museum of Art and History, in collaboration with Los Angeles’ Thinkspace Gallery, is pleased to present The New Vanguard, featuring works by over 55 artists from the New Contemporary Movement. The exhibition will present one of the largest cross-sections of artists working within the movement’s diverse vernaculars, ever shown within a museological context in California to date. An ambitious compilation, The New Vanguard will bring together some of the most relevant and dynamic artists currently practicing from all over the world. The exhibition, opening August 13, will take place in tandem with this year’s installment of POW! WOW! Antelope Valley.

The exhibition will feature site-specific murals and installations within the museum by Alex Yanes, Bumblebeelovesyou, Meggs, and Yoskay Yamamoto, a solo presentation of works by Scott Listfield in the Vault Gallery, and a diverse group exhibition of works in the South Gallery, including pieces by Aaron Li-Hill, Adam Caldwell, Alex Garant, Amandalynn, Amy Sol, Brett Amory, Brian Viveros, C215, Carl Cashman, Casey Weldon, Chie Yoshii, Cinta Vidal, Craig ‘Skibs’ Barker, Cryptik, Dan Lydersen, Dan-ah Kim, Derek Gores, Dulk, Erik Siador, Felipe Pantone, Fernando Chamarelli, Glennray Tutor, Henrik Aa. Uldalen, Icy and Sot, Jacub Gagnon, Jaime Molina, James Bullough, James Reka, Jana & JS, Jean Labourdette (aka Turf One), Jeremy Hush, Joel Daniel Phillips, Josie Morway, Juan Travieso, Kyle Stewart, Linnea Strid, Lisa Ericson, Low Bros, Lunar New Year, Mando Marie, Marco Mazzoni, Mark Dean Veca, Mark Warren Jacques, Martin Whatson, Mary Iverson, Matt Linares, Matthew Grabelsky, Meggs, Mike Egan, Nosego, Pam Glew, Ricky Lee Gordon, Scott Radke, Sean Norvet, Tony Philipppou, Wiley Wallace, X-O, and Yosuke Ueno.

The POW! WOW! Antelope Valley project will include public works by Amandalynn, Andrew Schoultz, Bumblebeelovesyou, David Flores, Julius Eastman, Kris Holladay, Mando Marie, Mark Dean Veca, Meggs, Michael Jones and Yoskay Yamamoto. All the works will be centered around the area of the museum, with David Flores actually adorning the backside of the museum with a massive new mural.

Historically, the New Contemporary movement has largely been relegated to spaces outside of art institutions and other arbiters of the “high,” whether it be urban spaces or subcultural haunts. The movement, having had to create contexts for the reception of its work and support of its community, has never had the fixity of a singular genre – or its limitations for that matter – but rather has prospered under a fluidity, expanding into all manner of techniques, expressions, media, and spaces. This exhibition is significant in that it marks a period of transition in the vetted visibility of this movement and its artists, as it has become increasingly celebrated and acknowledged, not only within the context of popular culture but the institutional framework of museum spaces. No single art movement in recent memory has grown as exponentially in acceptance, visibility, and popularity in as relatively short a period, a phenomenon that attests to the power and sway of its cultural presence.

Perhaps most unified by its lack of stylistic exclusion, the New Contemporary movement, long helmed by its simultaneous embrace of multiple elements, incorporates narrative, the surreal, the gestural, the abstract, the figurative, and the illustrative. With no single defining formal or conceptual armature, the work produced by this new generation of artist is responsive, reactive, emotive, and grounded in the social. The New Vanguard highlights the imaginative breadth of these New Contemporary artists, showcasing the limitless potential of an art movement that began without walls and has now infiltrated galleries and museums the world over.

The Lancaster Museum of Art and History is dedicated to strengthening awareness, enhancing accessibility and igniting the appreciation of art, history and culture in the Antelope Valley through dynamic exhibitions, innovative educational programs, creative community engagement and a vibrant collection that celebrates the richness of the region.

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Branded Arts Presents : RFK MURAL FESITVAL

RFK Mural Festival

Friday, May 27, 5PM – 11 PM

Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools
701 S. Catalina St. Los Angeles, CA 90005

May 23 ­ May 27, 2016

In collaboration with LAUSD & Thinkspace Gallery

­ Branded Arts is excited to announce its latest project, the Robert F. Kennedy Mural Festival. 28 artists have been commissioned to paint a series of murals throughout the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools during a one­-week span from May 23­-27, 2016.

In a desire to promote arts in school, these projects also aim to send an inspirational and positive message to kids ranging from kindergarten to the 12th grade. Not only will murals be painted throughout the week, but the Paul Schrade Library will be transformed into a gallery exhibition space featuring work from over 30 artists, as well as artwork from the students. This project was born out of a collaboration with LAUSD local district central staff under the guidance of superintendent Robert Antonio Martinez.

Built on the site of the former Ambassador Hotel, RFK Community Schools honors its historical significance as the site of not only six autonomous pilot schools, but also as the site of the 1968 assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. To honor the US Senator and his legacy, the school adopted his namesake and commissioned two Judith Baca murals in addition to preserving the original architecture of the Cocoanut Grove Theater. The school was built as a modern interpretation of the original Ambassador Hotel, maintaining elements of the original structure and celebrating its star­studded yet somber history. Local history, art, and education have come together to create a space of diversity, creativity, innovation, and social justice ­ all social elements that RFK Community Schools seeks to foster.

The RFK Mural festival continues to facilitate the importance of art in educational systems, hosting student and public engagement projects throughout its week­long run. Students will be involved with mural production through workshops and seminars hosted by participating artists, and exhibit their artwork alongside the likes of Tim Biskup, D*Face and Erik Jones in the Paul Schrade Library Gallery. There will be opportunities to attend lecture and panel discussions, film screenings, and guided tours of the newly created on­site murals including a 40­foot high portrait of Robert F. Kennedy by Shepard Fairey.

Murals by:
Shepard Fairey, Kenny Scharf, Jeff Soto, Sam Flores, Hueman, David Flores, Greg Mike, Curiot, Mad Steez, Cyrcle, Andrew Hem, Risk, Yoskay Yamamoto, James Bullough, Beau Stanton, Hebru Brantley, Hush, Charlie Edmiston, Colette Miller, Rob Hill, Dallas Clayton, Clinton Bopp, James Haunt, Jonas Never, Josh Everhorn, Baker’s Son, Jose Maradiaga­Andrade, Paige Smith, UR New York

Artwork by:
Ranj, D*Face, Tim Biskup, Zes, Eine, Erik Jones, Adam Caldwell, C215, Carl Cashman, Christine Wu, Craig “Skibs” Barker, Derek Gores, Drew Young, Ekundayo, Joram Roukes, Ken Flewellyn, Low Bros, Meggs, Nosego, Yosuke Ueno, John Park, Shanna Yates, Adam Builds, Brittany Sega, Hans Walor, Drew Merritt, Tracy Tubera, Ease One, Matt Dimon, Bridget Weiser, Tina Chavez, Rachel Harris, Quam Odunsi, Anthony Williams, Carlos Chavez, Ross Morrison, Elle Dyner, Norm Maxwell, Quentin Thomas, Cary Miller, Cameron Helm, Birdman, Tamara Arroba, Darcy Yates, Luis Valle, Jennifer Korsen, Brett Hammond, Conway Bongo, Jaime Becker, Molly Gruninger, Seanny McCarthy, Jay Damon, Billy Morrison, UR New York and the students of Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools

About Branded Arts
Branded Arts is a Los Angeles based organization that offers a full spectrum of artistic services for communities and corporate settings alike. Over the last 5 years they have produced over 150 public and private mural projects around the world, most recently at The Reserve LA, a 20­acre creative campus in Playa Vista, California.

About RFK Community Schools
RFK Community Schools is comprised of six autonomous Pilot schools offering a Kinder through 12th­grade campus on the site of the former Ambassador Hotel, the site of the 1968 assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy. The school was built to relieve underperforming and overcrowded schools located in Pico Union and Koreatown, and now serves over 4000 students from schools that include the Ambassador School of Global Education, Ambassador School of Global Leadership, NOW Academy, UCLACS, School for the Visual Arts and Humanities, and Los Angeles High School of the Arts.

RFK Mural Festival



Etam Cru’s (Sainer & Bezt ) first Los Angeles mural,’Mr. Rooster’ can now be spotted at the corner of 8th and Wall in the downtown LA Flower District. The wall produced by Thinkspace and Branded Arts. Photos of mural and progress shots were taken by Birdman. Etam Cru’s sold out debut U.S. exhibition ‘Galimatias’ remains on view through January 16th, 2016 at Thinkspace Gallery.











Making the World Better With Murals

Thinkspace family artists have been painting around the world and making the streets of Europe and South America stunning with murals that reach new heights.  Making their distinct mark from Mexico to Norway, a music festival in Berlin, mural festivals in Detroit and Portland; we are proud to present a collection of just a few of the murals these talented artists have created.

Alex Diaz Mural Seal Walls
Alex Diaz mural for Sea Walls.
Alex Diaz Mural Berlin Lollapalooza
Alex Diaz mural for Berlin’s Lollapalooza via Urban Nation.
Alex Diaz Mural Berlin Lollapalooza
Alex Diaz mural for Berlin’s Lollapalooza via Urban Nation.
Sandra Chevrier for NuArt in Norway
Sandra Chevrier mural for NuArt in Norway.
Cryptik for Sea Walls in Mexico
Cryptik mural for Sea Walls in Mexico.
Cryptik for Sea Walls in Mexico
Cryptik mural for Sea Walls in Mexico.
Curiot for No Limits in Sweden
Curiot mural for No Limits in Sweden.
Curiot for Sea Walls in Mexico
Curiot mural for Sea Walls in Mexico.
Derek Gores in the UK for LAX/LHR - arranged by StolenSpace and Thinkspace
Derek Gores mural in the UK for LAX/LHR – arranged by StolenSpace and Thinkspace.
Erik Jones Shine Mural Festival
Erik Jones mural for Shine Mural Festival in St. Peters.
Etam Cru
Etam Crus mural in Civitanova Marche, Italy.
Etam Cru
Etam Cru mural in Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovia.
James Bullough for Lollapalooza Berlin
James Bullough for Berlin’s Lollapalooza via Urban Nation.
James Bullough for Lollapalooza Berlin
James Bullough for Berlin’s Lollapalooza via Urban Nation, photo shows texture of the wall.
James Bullough Richmond Mural Project
James Bullough for the Richmond Mural Project.
Joram Roukes Forest for the Trees
Joram Roukes Forest for the Trees mural in Portland.
Josh Keyes  Forest For The Trees in Portland
Josh Keyes Forest For The Trees mural in Portland.
Low Bros Forest For The Trees in Portland
Low Bros Forest For The Trees mural in Portland.
Low Bros in London with London Graffiti
Low Bros mural for London Graffiti in London.
Troy Lovegates for Forest For The Trees in Portland
Troy Lovegates Forest For The Trees mural in Portland.


Nosego with Woes from Murals in the Market in Detroit
Nosego and Woes collaborative mural for Detroit’s Murals in the Market.
Nosego for Empire 7 Studios in  Northern California
Nosego mural for Empire 7 Studios in Northern California.