‘Invisible College’ Fort Wayne Museum of Art Recap

fort wayne interior

Thank you again to the hundreds of you that came out to our opening of ‘Invisible College’ at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art (FWMoA) earlier this month.

We just got back the professional photos of the opening night festivities and the exhibition layout and wanted to share some of the gems with you all. Look for the full set on our Facebook in the week ahead.

So very happy with how strong the exhibition came together and the museum staff could not have been more amazing to work in tandem with. All the visiting artists were well taken care of and we really got to experience the Fort Wayne community thanks to the unofficial mayor of the town (and the show’s co-curator), Mr. Josef Zimmerman. Everywhere we went, all knew Joe haha

Much love to the museum’s head adjunct curator Josef Zimmerman and President and CEO Charles Shepard III for allowing us into their beautiful space and being such gracious hosts. Props to registrar Leah Reeder as well as Joslyn Elliott and Lauren Wolfer for the excellent job with getting all the works checked in and up on the walls. Big ups to Kay Gregg too (Josef’s better half) for being so welcoming to all of us (hope your ankle is healing up!).

Don’t think I’ll ever forget buzzing about the skies of Fort Wayne with Rabi from Cyrcle in a small helicopter we rented at the town fair.

View the works from ‘Invisible College’ here:

We look forward to returning to Fort Wayne soon for our next adventure with the FWMoA!

-Andrew Hosner

FWMoA Invisible College Interior

FWMoA Invisible College Interior

FWMoA Invisible College Interior

FWMoA Invisible College Interior

FWMoA Invisible College Interior

FWMoA Invisible College Interior

FWMoA Invisible College Interior

FWMoA Invisible College Interior

FWMoA Invisible College Interior

FWMoA Invisible College Interior

FWMoA Invisible College Interior

FWMoA Invisible College Interior

FWMoA Invisible College Interior

FWMoA Invisible College Interior

FWMoA Invisible College Interior

FWMoA Invisible College Interior

FWMoA Invisible College Interior

FWMoA Invisible College Interior

FWMoA Invisible College Interior

FWMoA Invisible College Interior

Fresh Coverage of ‘Along Infinite River” up on Arrested Motion

Arrested Motion


Arrested Motion stopped in on the opening night of Nosego’s ‘Along Infinite River’ and took some fun fresh pics. Check them out on their website.

Philadelphia-base artist unveiled a collection of new vibrant paintings that put his surreal hybrids of different creatures and landscapes on display.

Nosego Opening Night Coverage from HI-FRUCTOSE

hi fructose nosego

Hi-Fructose’s coverage of Nosego’s ‘Along Infinite River’ is insightful into the work and the artists. Check out the full story on their website now.

Animals in Nosego’s work also hold emotional symbolism for the artist, who uses them as motifs to express his different feelings. When transmuted together, they also come to represent the never-ending connectivity that can be found within nature.

Opening Reception of Nosego ‘Along Infinite River’ and Brian Mashburn ‘Witness’ exhibitions

along infinite river

Saturday, July 18th, Thinkspace Gallery hosted an opening reception for Nosego’s “Along Infinite River” and Brian Mashburn’s “Witness”, along with new works by Drew Leshko in the office. We released three prints that night, one from Brian Mashburn and two from Nosego that will be available on thinkspaceprints.com in the next few days. Please follow Thinkspace Gallery’s social media sites for updates. The new exhibitions will be on view till August 8th.

nosego mural

nosego main room

nosego hand

Nosego infront of piece

brian mashburn infront of work

brain mashburn flamingo

brian mashburn print

photo of a painting

black book nosego

observing work

thinkspace room

david and drew

thinkspace family

Opening Night of ‘Beautiful Noise’ & ‘Chasing The Current’

Yosuke Ueno Artist

The opening night of Yosuke Ueno’s ‘Beautiful Noise’ and Ariel DeAndre’s ‘Chasing the Current’ was filled with lots of familiar faces. Both artists’ work is inspired by the Japanese religion of Shinto that is based in details and appreciation of nature.  Take some time to stroll about our gallery taking in the detail of these rich and beautiful paintings. Also don’t forget to catch up on our interviews with Yosuke Ueno and Ariel DeAndrea.

Both shows are on view till June 13th.
For more details please visit the Thinkspace Gallery website.

Ariel DeAndrea

Yosuke Uneo show preview

Ariel DeAndrea preview

thinkspace artists family

details of installation

gallery attendees

Viewing Yosuke's Work

Beautiful Noise Opening I


You can view all the photos from the opening reception on Flickr or Facebook.
Above photos and all opening night photography is by photographer Sam Graham.

Opening Night of Seth Armstrong and Erik Jones

It was a packed house the opening night of Seth Armstrong’s “The Air Is Thick” and Erik Jones’ “Color|Full“. Robert Williams even paid Thinkspace a visit after a full day of book signings up at LAMAG. Both exhibits remain on view through April 18th, so please swing on by if you missed the opening reception. The shows really demand in person viewing to best appreciate them, from the numerous hidden details in Armstrong’s paintings to the three-dimensional aspects in Jones’ new works. Visit our Flickr account  for full coverage of opening night and below are a few of our favorite shots.

Left to Right: Seth Armstrong, Robert Williams, Suzanne Williams

crowd at seth armstrong and eric jones show

eric jones and andrew hosner chatting about art

seth armstrong, eric jones, and ken


Don’t miss our next opening Beautanica and group exhibition Gumbo, Saturday April 25. Beautanica will be showing new works by Australian artist Bec Winnel. Gumbo will be displaying the work of artists Alex Yanes, James Bullough, Matthew Grabelsky, Ryan Hewett, Sergio Garcia, Troy Coulterman, and Troy Lovegates. Visit the Thinkspace Gallery website for more details.

Juxtapoz Magazine May Issue!

Juxtapoz May Issue

Still can’t get enough of the Robert Williams: Slang Aesthetics! & ’20 Years Under The Influence of Juxtapoz’ shows, then pick up the latest issue of Juxtapoz Magazine.  A two page spread of opening night photos and great coverage on both shows is a must read. Visit the Thinkspace website for photos of the feature.

“This is my biggest and best load, there won’t be another like this anytime soon.” – Robert Williams 

Both exhibitions are free and open to the public and on view through April 19th.

Located at:
Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery
4800 Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles, CA
In the Barnsdall Art Park (near the Vermont intersection)

Both exhibitions are sponsored in part by the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs and the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery. To contact the gallery please call 323.644.6269. Gallery hours are Thursday through Sunday from Noon to 5PM. For special tours and school groups, please contact Marta Feinstein at met_marta@sbcglobal.net or to arrange special adult tours, please contact Gabe Cifarelli at Gabriel.cifarelli@gmail.com – visit LAMAG on the web at www.lamag.org