New work by Seth Armstrong in “The Air is Thick”

Seth Armstrong The Air is Thick Postcard

New work by Seth Armstrong in “The Air is Thick” on view March 28, 2015 to April 18, 2015.
Opening Reception with artists on hand:
Saturday, March 28th 6-9PM


Thinkspace is pleased to present The Air is Thick featuring new works by Los Angeles based artist Seth Armstrong. Armstrong’s paintings self-consciously capture a sense of looking, arresting moments with cinematic detail and voyeuristic curiosity. Varying in scale, the paintings offer views that are alternately intimate and vast, moving expertly between the monumental and the minute. Laden with detail and suggestion, each piece offers a moment in the trajectory of a larger narrative, and the viewer is compelled to realign the fractures of these inconclusive moments. Hanging the works on suggestion rather than on the overt, Armstrong builds tension and excitement in every painting with the possibility and expectation of action. Surfeited with this palpable sense of permanent anticipation and arrest, the air is indeed thick enough to cut.

Originally from Los Angeles, Armstrong studied painting in Northern Holland and completed a BFA at San Francisco’s California College of the Arts. His deft handling of oil paint clearly demonstrates a facility inspired by traditional painting techniques, and a material aptitude for the dense capture of light and color. The intense realism of his style is often tempered by a looser, more painterly approach, and by a stylized handling of light and dimension. With viscous luminosity and substantive flesh, qualities achieved with a seamlessly clean application, his works feel heavy with tactility and dense with tangible space and body. Armstrong’s use of stark saturated contrasts is offset by a tendency towards stylized hyper-color, creating both depth and edge that exceeds the muted tones of the real. These contrasts achieve a sense of brooding visual tension that manages to evoke both nostalgia and strangeness simultaneously.

In The Air is Thick, Armstrong continues to explore themes that have consistently fascinated his output: the intrigue of illicit looking, and the fine line between intimacy and trespass. Just as cinema manages to satisfy our innate love of voyeuristic access, so too do the paintings offer us views onto private lives that both frustrate and satisfy. The suggestion of constant narrative pervades even the stillest and least active views, as Armstrong reminds us of the secret recesses behind all closed doors and all quiet faces.

Seth Armstrong The Air Is Thick

Seth Armstrong – “The Air is Thick”


Hi-Fructose interview Seth Armstrong / new solo in SF at Gallery Heist opens this Sat, May 14th

Hi-Fructose just interviewed Seth Armstrong as he prepares to open up his new solo show this evening at Gallery Heist in San Francisco. Better yet, the interview was conducted by fellow Thinkspace family member Brett Amory (who just showed alongside Seth at Thinkspace this past January).

Seth Armstrong ‘Another Thing Coming’

May 14th – June 11th, 2011 at Gallery Heist in San Francisco

Check out Hi-Fructose’s full interview with Seth here:

Opening night for ‘There It Is’ and ‘Happy Valley’ at Thinkspace

Featured artists Adam Caldwell, Brett Amory, and Seth Armstrong

Thank you to everyone that came out this past weekend to the opening night reception for ‘There It Is’ in our main gallery and ‘Happy Valley’ in our project room. With all the galleries in Culver City having their 1st openings of the new season, the streets and galleries in the art district were just packed the whole evening through with art lovers enjoying all the new exhibits on view.

Opening night crowd for 'There It Is' and 'Happy Valley'

Check out our full set of pictures from the opening evening here:

Capturing the work of Paul Barnes

Some excellent works from both exhibits are still available, so please be sure to look over the digital catalogs for both shows below.

‘There It Is’ digital catalog:

‘Happy Valley’ digital catalog:

Both exhibits on view through Jan. 29thplease stop through if in the neighborhood.

Thinkspace / 6009 Washington Blvd in Culver City /

Digital previews for ‘There It Is’ + ‘Happy Valley’ – opening tonight at Thinkspace

'Waiter #26' from Brett Amory

‘There It Is’ features new works from three Oakland, CA based artists that explore the urban aesthetic from distinctly different points of view. From the observational based oil paintings of Brett Amory to the history drenched collage styled oil paintings of Adam Caldwell through to the surreal bent on the world around us as seen through the eyes of oil painter Seth Armstrong, ‘There It Is’ offers up a painterly tour de force that is a great way to kick off our 2011 program.

View the works featured in ‘There It Is’ via our digital preview:

PLUS in our project room the debut Los Angeles solo show from Scotland based artist Paul Barnes.

'Love Mountain' from Paul Barnes

View the works in ‘Happy Valley’ from Paul Barnes via our digital preview:

If you see a work you would like to purchase or inquire about in either of the above previews, please send an e-mail to and we will get right back to you with full details.

Both exhibitions open TONIGHT so please come on through!

Thinkspace / 6009 Washington Blvd in the Culver City art district / post series of interviews with Amory, Caldwell and Armstrong for our ‘There It Is’ exhibition

One of Brett Amory's new works for 'There It Is' opening this Sat, Jan. 8th at Thinkspace just posted a series of short ‘Back Talk’ interviews with those in ‘There It Is’.

Brett Amory interview:

One of Adam Caldwell's new works for 'There It Is' opening this Sat, Jan. 8th at Thinkspace

Adam Caldwell interview:

One of Seth Armstrong's new works for 'There It Is' opening this Sat, Jan. 8th at Thinkspace

Seth Armstrong interview:

Please check ’em out if you get a second. Some add’l new works from each are revealed in the interview segments.

‘There It Is’
An exhibition showcasing three artists hailing from Oakland, CA
Brett Amory / Seth Armstrong / Adam Caldwell

Opening Reception: Sat, Jan. 8th 7-10PM

*All artists in attendance

6009 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232

‘There It Is’ this January at Thinkspace

The work of Oakland artist Adam Caldwell - featured in 'There It Is' this January at Thinkspace

Coming up this January at Thinkspace:
‘There It Is’ featuring the works of three Oakland based artists in our main gallery

Adam Caldwell
Brett Amory
Seth Armstrong

Take a look inside the Oakland studios of the three artists featured in ‘There It Is’ here:

Get ready for an amazing display of painterly skill this coming January when ‘There It Is’ opens to the public on Sat, January 8th at Thinkspace in Culver City.

Coming up this January at Thinkspace

‘There It Is’ – an exhibition showcasing three artists hailing from Oakland, CA

Brett Amory

Seth Armstrong

Adam Caldwell

Opening Reception: Sat, Jan. 8th 7-10PM
*All artists in attendance

On view Jan. 8th – Jan. 29th

‘Sneak Peek’ at the artists’ studios up in Oakland here:

In our project room:

Paul Barnes ‘Happy Valley’

Check out more on Barnes’ work at

Take a ‘sneak peek’ into Barnes’ studio over in Scotland here:

6009 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232