We’re excited to be showing new work by French/Italian, Los Angeles-based-based artist Liz Brizzi in our project room for her solo exhibition CDMX opening Saturday, April 27th. Brizzi’s mixed media technique combines the hauntings of photography with the impressionistic intercessions of paint to produce ambiguously merged dimensions of time and space.

In anticipation of CDMX, our interview with Liz Brizzi discusses the inspiration behind this latest body of work, creative process, and her most memorable moment in Mexico City.

SH: For those that are not familiar with you and your work, can you give us a brief look at your artistic background and zodiac sign?

LB: I grew up in a family of artists. There was never any doubt in my mind I’d end up in the field as well. After High School, I went to Otis College of Art and Design and got a BFA in Communication Arts. I’m an Aquarian. 

SH: Your latest body of work is inspired by Mexico City. In three words, how would you describe that trip? 

LB: Jam-packed, colorful, delicious

SH: What was your favorite meal and most memorable moment from Mexico City? 

LB: I had so much good food, it’s hard to pick one. But my most memorable moment was standing in Frieda Kahlo’s studio. The energy I felt in there was so intense and beautiful. I felt so moved. It was magical. Her presence and energy was felt all around the room. It was incredible.

SH: How do you approach starting a new piece? Walk us through the process of a piece from conception to completion. 

LB: It’s always the same process. There are lots of steps. My work is really a mix of so many different media. Photography, design, collage, paint…

First I look through my collection of pictures. I pick out my favorites, or whichever have interesting details that I feel come together nicely. Then I use photoshop to play around with them. I cut out parts of it, pull out details, bring them together, add to this or that, move this around, take that out, etc… I mess with them until I have a final design that I like.

Next, I plan my color palette and decide on the overall color combination. Then I print my photographic design on simple paper. I cut the outline of it so it’s ready to be collaged onto the wood panel. But first, I lay down paper on the wood. I paint with acrylic and create the painted background. Once dry, I apply the photo-design onto it with matte medium. And finally, once very dry, I add color and paint with very diluted washes of acrylic. Paint my birds, sign, varnish, done!

SH: What excites you about your work / creative process?

LB: The travel part! I LOVE traveling and I want to paint the world. I’m inspired by the big cities and cultures I encounter on my journeys, and I love to try and portray them in my work. 

SH: What frustrates you about your work / the creative process?

LB: It can sometimes be tedious… especially the cutting part. And I try to make each piece very unique, and it can be challenging. But it’s still the best job I’ve ever had. 

SH: A Netflix movie is being made about your life, who would be cast to play you and what kind of movie would it be? Try to describe it with similar movies.  

LB: Have you seen “The Spanish Apartment”? It’s a French movie trilogy (OG title L’Auberge Espagnole). It’s about a guy and his friends from all over the world, his struggles to pursue his dream of becoming a writer, and the three big steps of his life… coming of age, career, family… he’s French, he’s an ex-pat, and I’m pretty sure he ends up in the US. It’s a comedy slash coming of age drama. My movie would probably be like that. Who would play me? I’m not sure… maybe Marion Cotillard?

SH: If you could make the album art for any album, existing or yet to be released, what album or artists would it be for and why? 


SH: Favorite way to celebrate the completion of a project/body of work?’

LB: Do nothing! Netflix and chill. Also… start planning my next trip!

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