‘5 Years / 5 Questions’ with Anthony Clarkson – Thinkspace 5 Year Anniversary Show (on view through Nov. 27th)

Anthony Clarkson 'Ring Around the Rosy' - Acrylic on wood panel

’5 Years / 5 Questions’ with Anthony Clarkson

Tell us a little bit about your piece for Thinkspace’s ‘5 Year Anniversary Show’ this November?
“Ring Around the Rosy” is a sort of self-portrait of my state of mind based on the maypole game. I’ve been recently doing so many painting with kids in them, and as much as people seem to like ‘em, I’ve started to feel like they’ve become too prevalent and cause me not to push my concepts and imagery. So as I move away from painting kids this piece is a way to kind of explain what I’ve started to feel like they are doing to me creatively.

What were you doing back in 2005 when Thinkspace started?
I was working on my first two paintings to put into the first Thinkspace show/my first show! So this five year anniversary show for Thinkspace is also my personal five year anniversary of doing gallery showings.

Name 5 things you can’t live without in your studio?
Other than the basics like paints, brushes, chair, etc… I’d say my computer, music, movies, art books and a beverage of some sort.

Where do you hope to be 5 years from now?
Just keepin’ on keepin’ on. I hope to have bigger shows, bigger paintings and to be pushing my skills and ideas further.

What have you got coming up in 2011?
I’ll have the project room at Thinkspace in February for my ‘A Time to Forget’ show which I’m super excited about. I’m really trying to push both my quality of work and my concepts.

Artist website: www.anthonyclarksonart.com

Look for Anthony’s upcoming solo show this February at Thinkspace… more details announced soon!

Check out the works featured in our 5 Year Anniversary show here:

‘5 Year Anniversary Show’
Group exhibition showcasing 49 artists representing our past, present and future with a featured installation from Johnny ‘KMNDZ’ Rodriguez

LAST DAY TO VIEW: This Sat, Nov. 27th from 1-6PM
(* please note we are closed this Thurs and Fri for Thanksgiving)

Thinkspace / 6009 Washington Blvd in Culver City / www.thinkspacegallery.com

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