‘5 Years / 5 Questions’ with David MacDowell – Thinkspace 5 Year Anniversary Show (Sat, Nov. 6th)

David MacDowell 'American Cracker' - Acrylic on canvas

“If you’re looking for one art show to attend this year, I’d like to suggest Thinkspace’s upcoming 5 Year Anniversary blow out. Established in 2005, Thinkspace is one of the few galleries who doesn’t just follow trends, they start them.” MyModernMet.com

’5 Years / 5 Questions’ with David MacDowell

Tell us a little bit about your piece for Thinkspace’s ‘5 Year Anniversary Show’ this November?
For the past month, I thought it would be cool to paint a picture of Richard Pryor getting hit in the head by a box of crackers. The image is indicative of his humor and attitude, and it definitely makes a broad statement on issues that we like to pretend aren’t there. I think the 70’s were revolutionary with the fact that we could laugh and talk about racial unity and differences. Now everything is so politically correct, I just feel like it’s all going backwards again.

What were you doing back in 2005 when Thinkspace started?
My whole past is full of nothing but bad memories, I really hate to dredge things up! I wasn’t an artist 5 years ago, and that alone smacks of a misdirected youth.

Name 5 things you can’t live without in your studio?
Paints, Canvas, Music, Coffee and Smokes.

Where do you hope to be 5 years from now?
My goal is to stay alive and out of jail. If I can do those two simple things, everyday will be like Christmas.

What have you got coming up in 2011?
It’s been group show madness the past 2 years, so I’m weaning them out for solo shows to explode mind, body and soul in 2011. Get down, make love, let’s get funky.

Artist website: www.macdowellstudio.com

Check out the ‘Sneak Peek’ for our 5 Year Anniversary group show here:

‘5 Year Anniversary Show’
Group exhibition showcasing 48 artists representing our past, present and future with a featured installation from Johnny ‘KMNDZ’ Rodriguez

Opening Reception: Sat, Nov. 6th, 2010 7-10PM
On view: Nov. 6th – Nov. 27th, 2010

Thinkspace / 6009 Washington Blvd in Culver City / www.thinkspacegallery.com

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