‘5 Years / 5 Questions’ with Kevin Titzer – Thinkspace 5 Year Anniversary Show (on view through Nov. 27th)

Kevin Titzer 'Hair' - wood, tin, and horse hair

’5 Years / 5 Questions’ with Kevin Titzer

Tell us a little bit about your piece for Thinkspace’s ‘5 Year Anniversary Show’ this November?
I have this bad habit of coming up with ideas that sound really good in my head. Like say, drilling a few hundred holes in the face of my sculpture and gluing horse hair in each one. The short version of the story is … well, it sucked. Although in the end I like the over all look it gives. I’ve been looking at a lot of messy 2D work lately and thinking about big pencil scribbles. So I started experimenting to see if I could get a similar feel to that in a sculpture.

What were you doing back in 2005 when Thinkspace started?
I was working in crappy basement of an apt. right next door to a homeless shelter. At that point, I was wondering if I had made the right decision to quit my day job at an ice cream factory three years before. Oh good times.

Name 5 things you can’t live without in your studio?
1. music and or audio books
2. my hammer, and not a hammer
3. good light (or at least enough light so I don’t cut a finger off)
4. coffee (also relates to said prevention of lost digits)
5. time

Where do you hope to be 5 years from now?
Relaxing on my own private island with polar bears and a smoke monster.

What have you got coming up in 2011?
It’s a surprise.

Artist website: www.kevintitzer.com

Look for a solo show from Titzer in our project room coming up next May.

Check out the works featured in our 5 Year Anniversary show here:

‘5 Year Anniversary Show’
Group exhibition showcasing 49 artists representing our past, present and future with a featured installation from Johnny ‘KMNDZ’ Rodriguez

LAST DAY TO VIEW: This Sat, Nov. 27th from 1-6PM
(* please note we are closed this Thurs and Fri for Thanksgiving)

Thinkspace / 6009 Washington Blvd in Culver City / www.thinkspacegallery.com

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