A look inside Timothy Karpinski’s “Fear Fort”…

Karpinski at work in his 'Fear Fort'
Karpinski at work in his 'Fear Fort'

Timothy Karpinski
‘My Heart Never Sleeps’

View an amazing selection of ‘Sneak Peek’ shots at Timothy at work on his debut Los Angeles solo show here.

The ‘fear fort’ featured in this series of sneak peek photos will be deconstructed, driven down to LA from Portland and put back together inside our gallery. Timothy will live and work in his ‘fear fort’ during the week-long installation process inside our gallery. He has also been sleeping and creating in the fort for the past few months inside his studio during the creative process for ‘My Heart Never Sleeps’. The fort itself will serve as a sort of mini-gallery within our gallery showcasing an array of small and affordable works.

Opening: Fri, Nov. 6th 7-11PM

The opening reception will feature a special musical performance from Lovers

A look at the goodness to come this November @ Thinkspace
A look at the goodness to come this November @ Thinkspace

4210 Santa Monica Blvd (near Sunset Junction in Silver Lake area of Los Angeles)

Look for interview with Timothy to be posted here soon.

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