A Quickie With Andrew Hem for Moniker International Art Fair

Andrew Hem – “Even Now” (2019)

 In three words describe your work?  

Figurative, stylized, narrative

What musician/band would you love to collaborate with on an album cover?

I would say Bon Iver or the Hamilton soundtrack.

Was there a moment or catalyst that inspired you to pursue the arts?  

Not really a single moment but a slow and gradual process. But the earliest I could remember was probably seeing Barry McGee on the cover of 12 oz prophet magazine. I still have that issue and it’s still a gem to me now. 

Best advice you’ve received in regards to art or life?

Be the best you can be. 

What is your favorite color? What is your zodiac sign?

Favorite color is blue and I’m a Virgo 

Andrew Hem – “Paramount” (2019)

A new body of work by Andrew Hem is currently on view at Moniker International Art Fair in the UK now through October 6th. To view available pieces from Andrew Hem please visit the Thinkspace Projects website here.

Andrew Hem – “Gang” (2019)

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