A visit from Bumblebee…

Morning Air (Medium)

After turning many a head at the recent ‘Moodswings’ show at Carmichael Gallery where he sold out all his works, Southern California based street artist Bumblebee has been on the move and rockin’ things. We’ve been talking to him about coming over and doing a bigger version of his “Morning Air” piece (shown above) in our backyard for a couple months now and recently all aligned to allow for him to come over and do his thing. Below are some process shots of the work coming together. Came out just killer!

DSCN4284 (Large) (Medium)

DSCN4285 (Large) (Medium)

DSCN4287 (Large) (Medium)

DSCN4288 (Large) (Medium)

DSCN4291 (Large) (Medium)

DSCN4292 (Large) (Medium)

DSCN4294 (Large) (Medium)

DSCN4296 (Large) (Medium)

Keep up with Bumblebee via his Flickr here.

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