Advance press for upcoming openings…

Thank you to Jack and VinylPulse for coming through last night to take some behind the scenes shots. Check out the pics and their full write up here:

“Driven by her recent trip to her native Korea and Japan, Stella’s new work explores the darker side of being. Several of her new pieces are stunning and arresting – beautiful in a haunting manner. In addition to her new work, she’s in the process of creating an elegant front room install. Also opening on Friday in Thinkspace’s Project Room are Dennis Hayes IV’s Against the Grain and Allison Sommers’s Waterways. At first glance, Dennis’s work comes across as pacific abstract scenes combining finely rendered birds and circles awash in color. Down a layer, each of his paintings reflects a comment on society which each type of bird representing a social role or class. Delving deeper, Dennis explained that his recent work incorporates elements of Sacred Geometry – nearly every color, shape and symbol works to build the commentary. Each painting is consciously created out of recycled and “found” objects. Each of the boards he paints on is in reality constructed of numerous wood squares cut from discarded wood and the paint he use has been rescued from dumpsters. Finally, Allison Sommers’s new body of fantastic aquatic-minded work is a joy to see. Each piece is packed with colorful detail blurring the lines between the whimsical and the gritty. These can really only be truly appreciated up close.”

There’s also a nice lil’ “Art Attack” 1/2 page color write up on Stella’s show in the new issue of MetroMix (can also be seen online here: ) plus a nice lil’ mention, along with a color mini of Stella’s work, also appears in the new issue of LA Weekly as well.

As if all that wasn’t enough, BoingBoing posted on the show too! Check it out here:

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