Allison Sommers continues to experiment with sculpture… and we think she’s nailed it…

Allison Sommers
PB & Justine Go For Walkies
Paperclay, gouache, glass beads, string, feathers, & cicada nymph skin
Roughly 5″ tall

“Every morning, right around nine, you’ll see him in his monogrammed jacket, walking that dreadful pet of his… he always mumbles forgotten songs to himself to drown out her incessant noise…”

Allison has experimented with sculptural representations of her characters before, but now that’s she’s taken to actually carving and sculpting the paper clay, we think she’s really found her medium and can’t wait for her world to further take 3D form. It’s really going to be magical to watch her grow over the coming years and we’re so honored to be working with her.

She’s currently in the midst of getting all ready for her debut solo show this May in our project room. Much will be revealed, worlds expanded and further explored, so much to look forward to.

Watch her progress for the show come together at her blog:

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