Allison Sommer’s Installation for the Governor’s Island Art Fair – “Standard Issue”

courtesy of hyperallergic

Thinkspace family member Allison Summers is a part of the Governor’s Island Art Fair this month with her detailed installation, “Standard Issue. The fair includes installations from several artists that play with spaces along Colonels Row.  The fair is free to attend and on view until September 30th with a few more weekends to hop on the ferry and immerse yourself in the installs.

On view will be brand-new first aid kits with which to heal thyself (there is at least a score of them now!), a still-hot-from-the-sun series of cyanotypes with which to remember the halcyon past, a fresh new slideshow of found and handmade projections, and the obsessively embroidered memory of a body.  – Allison Sommers

Visit the Governor’s Island Art Fair website for more information

Immerse Yourself in the Ghoulish Art on Governors Island

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