Amy Crehore & Anthony Clarkson busy on the install for this Friday’s opening at Thinkspace…

Amy Crehore arrived into town from Oregon late Sunday afternoon and hit the ground running on Monday, waisting no time in getting started on her front entry area wall mural…

Rough sketched out mural/show title starting to take shape…

Coming along nicely… be sure to come by opening night to check out the finished product.

Amy’s ukulele arsenal laid out, and ready for installation…

The ukes are just amazing. All have been lovingly restored by her husband, who’s a professional luthier, and are ready to play. Beautiful antiques taken to another level by Amy’s talented hand.

The installation of things is coming along… going to be a very nice flow of works, can’t wait for all to enjoy this one, really a fun show.

Anthony Clarkson arrived today and is starting in on his wall mural and getting all his paintings ready for installation… the gallery is abuzz with activity.

Opening this Fri, Feb. 13th 7-11PM @ Thinkspace
Amy Crehore‘s Dreamgirls & Ukes
+ Anthony Clarkson‘s The Silent Treatment
4210 Santa Monica Blvd (near Sunset Junction) in Los Angeles

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