Amy Crehore featured in new issue of Sadie Magazine…

The new issue of Sadie Magazine is here and they feature Amy Crehore‘s “French Bubble Gum Encore” on the cover. The new issue also features interviews with Sherman Alexie, Swoon, Mya Stark, and more!
“My girls express different moods and thoughts. These feelings are universal. They could all be aspects of the same girl, yet they could all be different girls. In some ways, the paintings are self-portraits because I am using memories of the way things have felt to me. But I know that externally, the girls appear to be different. These girls are open to experience and they are idealistic and full of dreams (in a somewhat pure, natural state). They appear young because we all tend to feel young inside.” – Amy Crehore
Check out the full interview with Amy here.
We’ll be posting some ‘sneak peeks’ on the progress of her upcoming show at Thinkspace this February soon… in the meantime, check out the below studio shot.

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