Amy Sol invited to take part in Semi-Permanent in Australia!

Amy Sol has been invited to take part in this year’s Semi-Permanent convention in Australia.
A huge honor for Amy – check out more here:
So, what is Semi-Permanent? To put it simply Semi-Permanent is a design event. It consists of a conference and side events which include exhibitions, competitions, workshops and parties. It’s a week long celebration of all things design. Graphic Design, Film, Art, Illustration, Web Design, Photography, Visual Effects, Animation, Graffiti, Motion Graphics, Stop Motion; all these things and more. Semi-Permanent explores the diverse and exciting design world bringing together exceptionally talented artists and designers to speak at the event
Oh… and that image above is a lil’ sneak peak from Amy’s upcoming ‘Karmic Magic’ show that is taking place this June at Thinkspace.
We’ll be posting some more sneak previews very soon. Amy’s super excited about this new body of work and we can’t wait for this show to open.

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