Andy Kehoe and Kelly Allen coming up this July at Thinkspace

Coming up this July at Thinkspace

Andy Kehoe
‘Into The Depths’

Plus in our project room:
Kelly Allen
‘Hidden Seeking’

Reception with the artists:
Sat., July 7th 5-9PM

Exhibitions Run: July 7th – July 28th

Andy Kehoe was born and raised in the city of steel, Pittsburgh, PA. The artist spends his days painting away in his attic in Portland, OR. He was bred on comics from an early age, finding an escape of sorts in the over stylized violence found within. Now longing for the days of his youth, the artist remembers the endless hours he spent absorbing all the storybooks and cartoons he could get his hands on, all the while doodling away on any scrap of paper available. His paintings are rich with a childlike innocence that recall a time when magic and monsters existed and all the untold mysteries of the world still seemed possible.

Shortly after graduating from high school, Kehoe explored a number of different art schools before settling in to the illustration course at Parsons School of Design in NY. After dabbling in commercial illustration for a short time, Kehoe decided it was time to focus on his personal work, and he’s never looked back since. Kehoe‘s work has shown the world over including such prestigious galleries as Jonathan LeVine (New York City), Nucleus Gallery (Los Angeles), Black Maria Gallery (Los Angeles), and Copro Gallery (Santa Monica, CA), as well as taking part in the Gen Art Vanguard Contemporary Art Fair during Art Basel 2008 in Miami, FL.

Artist Website:

Take a sneak peek at Andy Kehoe’s new works for ‘Into The Depths‘ here:

A look below at Kehoe‘s new process involving multiple layers of resin that creates a 3D effect in his work. Each pieces takes months to complete. He’s also incorporating local flora into the works which will see his characters peeking out from behind real cattails and interacting with real branches, leaves and more. This exhibit is a major step forward in many ways for Kehoe and we’re honored to be hosting it.


Kelly Allen ‘Hidden Seeking’

Kelly Allen‘s tightly rendered paintings can most succinctly be described as symbolic portraits of wild animals inspired by her deep love for nature, and informed by art history, design, fashion, and discarded books and magazines.

Allen lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area. She currently holds gallery representation at Thinkspace, StolenSpace Gallery in London, and Bold Hype Gallery in New York. She is a regular participant in 111 Minna’s Sketch Tuesday events in San Francisco, and exhibits her work all over the Bay Area. She recently sold a painting through Christie’s Auction House, and was featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 19 in 2011. This year, she is booked solid with solo and group exhibitions in New York, London, and California, and will be working on several projects with Flaunt Magazine, in addition to releasing limited edition prints through Poster Child Prints, Hi-Fructose, and Spoke Art. In addition to creating original paintings and commissions, she works as a freelance illustrator, having worked for New York Magazine and The Sunday Times UK Edition, among others. Allen holds an MFA in drawing from Kendall College of Art and Design and her B.A. in painting from Humboldt State University in Northern California.

Artist Website:

Take a sneak peek at Kelly Allen’s new works for ‘Hidden Seeking‘ here:

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