Anthony Clarkson exhibition ‘All By Design’ is on view starting August 22

All By Design
On view: August 22, 2020 – September 12, 2020

The art of Anthony Clarkson is a portal into child-like innocence, mixed with troubled spirits, broken hearts and a sense of emptiness.

All By Design is Anthony Clarkson’s sixth solo exhibition with our gallery. A painter, designer, and illustrator, Clarkson’s oil paintings are ghostly and surreal – dreamlike meanderings through eerily cast dimensions. Stylistically dark, they feel like haunted eruptions of the subconscious. Combining character-based narratives with the unexpected juxtaposition of suggestive symbols and absurd elements, they create jarring nightmarish figments and provocative associations. At times playful and others nihilistic, his works are graphically and illustratively inspired to elicit a gut reaction.

Clarkson’s vision continues to expand as his paintings evolve into more intense expressions of his own dark thoughts. All By Design showcases Clarkson’s most accomplished and detailed works to date.

Join us LIVE on Instagram on Saturday, August 22 from 1 to 2pm PST while we tour our new exhibitions.

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