Armsrock pics from Thieves Ladder / new videos & more…

Armsrock just finished up back to back shows in NY and the UK and went over extremely well at both shows. He’s definitely gaining momentum and blowing minds with his amazing installations. To view a set of works from the current ‘Poets Of The Paste’ show at Ad Hoc Art in Brooklyn, NY – click here:

To view a beautiful set of shots from the recent “Thieve’s Ladder” show at Black Rat Press in the UK with Poncho and Chris Stain click on the below link thanks to the fine folks over at

As if all that action wasn’t enough, the fine folks over at Jet Set Graffiti recently visited his studio as he was preparing for the above shows and posted two really nice mini-movies on their visit. I’m sure some of you have seen these by now, but I still wanted to include them in this post, as they are worthy of another viewing. For more on Jet Set, check out:

Studio visit #1:

Studio visit #2:

The same folks just interviewed Elbow-Toe as he prepares for both his upcoming solo with Black Rat Press in the UK and his 2-person show with Armsrock with us this December. Soon as that’s ready and posted, we’ll be sure to post mention of it here. Can’t wait to check that out. They’ve also posted some nice stuff on C215 just now, so be sure to check out their site and bookmark it.

In meantime, watch what else Armsrock gets up to via his blog here:

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