ARMSROCK prepares for 1st European solo…

ARMSROCK is hard at work on his upcoming debut European solo show, set to take place at Intoxicated Demons in Berlin, Germany.

“A Horrible Jungle”
A room installation made of drawings, and an archive of things done
May 16th – June 7th
Intoxicated Demons Gallery
Berlin, Germany

Juxtapoz also just posted a fresh set of ’20 Questions’ with the man, check it out here.

ARMSROCK’s statement on his new series for “A Horrible Jungle”:

Because I used to regard art and its attached institutions as a method and a space, through which and where I could examine and convey things, I have become a collector of information and images. Because I was secretly hoping that the collected amount of visual debris and human byproduct would yield some kind of answer from which I could wrench out some kind of sense. Therefor it seems only natural to me, that I would set out to create an archive. Most of everything I do seems to be connected to the assembling of information for this notebook on the human condition. Therefor it is not easy for me to identify or name the specific nature of this archive. It is a traveling black box…

It is a unsorted pile of vicious and unvictorious information that they brought in the newspapers, the books, the televisions. It is an echo of something that they shouted in the streets, and it is the smell of smoke from its own burning. It’s a theatrical violence report. A letter of acknowledgment of my own subjective fear andfascination combined with that which is dreadful and violent, grotesque and morbid. It is a paradox. It is pathos. It is a collage of registrations and colliding observations. An examination of the riddle that lies within that which is made visible as well as a study of invisible mechanisms. It is an attempt to,create comprehensibility while also striving to break it apart. An axis of accumulated signals and mis-communication…

To “know” each thing and its form. To make “signs” of the multitudinous, the incomprehensible, the impassable. To make these thing graspable. All the while acknowledging their fleeting and in-graspable nature. An attempt of decoding through the creation of form in imagery. To strive to identify those abstract powers that propels us into action. To make the human figure into a tool, as it has been so often and for so long, through which the language of form can transmit the identity of ”deed”. It is an attempt to keep nihilism at bay, and positivism in check.

Keep tabs on ARMSROCK via his blog here.

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