Art Adventure – 3/19/11

On Saturday my wife and I headed out to hit up a slew of shows – both new and those we missed last week when we were opening our March exhibits. We started off in Santa Monica over at Bergamot Station to catch ‘REVOLUTIONS’ from Shepard Fairey as well as the ‘Street ‘N Low’ show – both at Robert Berman… from there we headed out to Michael Kohn Gallery in Beverly Hills to catch Camille Rose Garcia‘s new solo show and debut for his space… then it was off to Martha Otero Gallery to catch James Jean‘s latest solo and left very impressed, even though the works felt very cramp in the small space. From there, we headed over to Gallery 1988 to catch Greg Simkin‘s ‘Inle’ exhibition that he curated. Some stand out works for sure, but all together too much squeezed in and no idea why Charles Wish put in 5 huge pieces. From there we headed out on the 101 to get back to the 10 to head out to the middle of nowhere to catch the ‘Lined In Lead’ show at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra. Was cool to see all the amazing works in person and was also able to get some time in with Joao Ruas and discuss our upcoming show together this fall. He has BIG plans to say the least and stole the show with all but one work having sold by the time we left around 830PM. From there we headed over to GR2 to catch their benefit show for Japan. Some real gems included and just a great display of kindness from some of the movement’s larger artists. Catch this one before it comes down! Below is a lil’ photographic journal of the day’s adventures… get out and support the arts people!

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