Artist Leslie Balleweg…

Came upon the work of California based artist Leslie Balleweg while on our art adventure through 15 some odd galleries this past Saturday. While strolling about Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, Leslie’s oil works stopped us all in our tracks and we had to see more. It was one of the smaller spots within the building that houses the Santa Monica Museum Of Art. The gallery itself isn’t worth mentioning, as there’s never anyone in the spot when I swing through. On this particular visit, we were there for a good 25-30 minutes, and no one ever came through to acknowledge us in any way. If anyone knows Leslie Balleweg, please ask her to drop us a line, we’d love to do a lil’ feature on her work. There’s nothing at all on the web we could find, save for some obscure listings about her show at this gallery back in October. The gallery itself has no website or listing to speak of on the web as well, so this is a tough one, but we love her work and hope someone reaches out.

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