Attaboy @ POVevolving this Saturday…

Daniel Seifert, better known as Attaboy, presents his first solo show in two years at LA’s POV Evolving Gallery in LA’s Chinatown. Atta presents an onslaught of meticulously handcut shadow casting spray varnish stenciled plastic pieces (see below), elaborate “exploded view” drawings (shown above), and a Gooberry Patch in the back room, where visitors can pick an unripened talking pull string Gooberry Plush and take one home to abuse. After 5 years of waiting, they’ve finally arrived, and they’re still not ripe.
There will also been a fantastic sculpture installation of Atta’s Brine Queen character as interpreted by artist J.Shea #9. If you come out to the show early enough you will be able to snag some iPhone, iPod and laptop skins of Atta’s recent work from the good folks at Gelaskins to embellish your electronic life…

Attaboy @ POVevolving Gallery

Opening reception: Saturday June 13th 6 – 10 pm

939 Chung King Road in Los Angeles

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