August opening night shots posted…

Opening night shots from Stella Im Hultberg‘s “Raveled”, Dennis Hayes IV‘s “Against The Grain” and Allison Sommers‘ “Waterways” are now posted on our Flickr page at the following link:

Was very cool to see the show of support from local artists and some from out of town too… Amy Sol, Audrey Kawasaki, Van Arno, Josh Taylor, Zoso, Andrew Hem, Catherine Brooks, Travis Louie, Jim & Tina Darling, Kent Williams, Mari Inukai, Jon Todd, Martin Wittfooth, Dave Chung, Kristian Olson, the one and only Bumblebee, and more all came out to show their support for Stella and the crew on view.

Sadly Allison didn’t make it out for this showing, but we’re working to have her out for her debut LA solo next season. More on that soon.

Some amazing works are still on hand from all the shows. Check ’em out below:

Stella Im Hultberg “Raveled” works:

Dennis Hayes IV “Against The Grain” works:

Allison Sommers “Waterways” works:

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