Beautiful Decay ‘Book 1’ now available…

Beginning as a hand-photocopied, black and white ‘zine over ten years ago when copies used to be available at early Cannibal Flower events, Beautiful/Decay has always proudly put artists-and quality content-first. After recently hitting issue ‘Z’, the time has come for a change. Beautiful/Decay is relaunching in the form of an expanded, limited edition, more voluminous publication. B/D will now be published three times per year a book-style format.
To celebrate their new expanded format, Issue 1 will feature a hand-drawn, original artwork by previously B/D featured artist Kyle Thomas (see example above).
The new format has eleminated all traditional advertising and they’ve increased the page count by 50%, meaning 164 pages of pure, unfiltered art goodness. Articles now run an average of 16-20 pages, providing some of the most in-depth coverage of emerging artists available today.
Released in limited edition format of only 1,500 copies, each copy will be hand #’d and will come with a limited edition collaborative artist project, ranging from inserts and stickers to posters and original artwork. All this will be presented in a new format & size, including French flaps and multiple printing processes throughout the publication.
‘Book 1: Supernaturalism’ explores a group of artists who conjure notions of the uncanny with their hauntingly off-putting works. Whether introducing distortion, violence, the grotesque or the ghostly, each artist alters traditional (super)naturalism to create visions that teeter on the boundaries of the comedic and the downright diabolical. Hinting to a level of existence beyond the scientifically visible universe, the artists in ‘Book 1: Supernaturalism’ examine the potential for alternate, darker realities.

To watch a preview of ‘Book 1’ and to read about the featured artists, please go here.

To order your copy now, click here.

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