Behind the scenes of ‘Returning Art To The Unclean’ from Brian M. Viveros

After knocking things out of the park at his sold-out show with us last year, Brian M. Viveros made the trek to NYC yesterday to be on hand for the opening reception for his new body of work “Returning Art To The Unclean” which is showing at Paul Booth’s Last Rites Gallery.

Known for his strong and sensuous depictions of women, Brian M. Viveros is amaster of contemporary iconography paying homage to the femme fatale. While he almost exclusively paints portraits, within the expressions of his women is conveyed such deep emotion and overwhelming sexuality that his work is undeniably erotic. Often without even a hint of nudity, the viewer is seduced with a mere pout and gaze from his subject’s faces. Although carrying on a long tradition of the alluring female in art, his work differs from Pin-Up style images of the past. Aside from the absence of figurative representation, the commanding subjects in his art contrast “Cheesecake” ideology of the soft and innocent. Instead, with her empowered stare, the Viveros smoking bad-girls flaunt battle scars, tattoos, and army paraphernalia. A force to be reckoned with, she is the epitome of a subculture heralding a new era with shifting ideals. This underlying concept of grit combined with sensuality is brought forth in his execution and paint handling, as flesh rendered with an almost touchable suppleness is juxtaposed by paint splatters and brushstrokes. With explosive compositions and an unmistakable style, Viveros creates 20th century representations of both beauty and culture.

Brian’s paintings have appeared in museums and galleries throughout the world, and featured by media including Juxtapoz, Tattoo Society, Hi Fructose, Skin Two, TLC’s LA Ink and more. In 2005 Viveros made his directing debut with his short “Dislandia”, and he has since created the full length feature “Southern” and other films, which have premiered internationally and have been featured on networks including The Sundance Channel.

Brian M. Viveros
“Returning Art To The Unclean”

Opening this Sat, Sept. 3rd at Last Rites Gallery in NYC

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