BIG show this Wed downtown (last minute head’s up)…

Ran into Hacula at this past weekend’s super over the top Neckface opening at New Image and he mentioned he was in town for a big show this Wed at some new spot called Small Bills… well, I googled around and found the deal. Seems word is just getting out, and this is going to be an epic show, so wanted to put up a quick post… Small Bills is the new spot put together by LA tastemaker/restauranteur Steven Arroyo (Malo, GOAT, Stork, 750ml). For the grand opening show/party they have put together a very impressive list of artists including Shepard Fairey, “Haculla” Harif Guzman, Bigfoot, Anthony Lister, Chris Pastras, Skullphone, Killpixie, David Browne, and Rick Rodney.

We hear this is a pretty awesome spot – so be sure to check it out if you can.

This Wed from 7-10PM with open bar and DJ Diabetic on the tables…

8200 W 3rd St in Los Angeles

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