Book your tickets to NYC now…


After hearing this was coming earlier this year, my wife and I have just been amped waiting for official word. The first solo show from Robert Williams in a number of years is coming up next month at The Tony Shafrazi Gallery in NYC. The godfather of pop surrealism returns!

Word is there will be twenty-five new paintings. 25!!! That is an amazing output for someone that creates the caliber and size of work that Williams does.

The new book/catalog “Conceptual Realism: In the Service of the Hypothetical” (shown above) will accompany this ground breaking solo exhibition of new work at the prestigious Tony Shafrazi Gallery.

This special exhibit will continue on in 2010 and travel to galleries in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and elsewhere. For those in the LA area, the word is it will take place at Cal State Northridge (Feb-April of 2010) – we’ll be sure to hype here once we have more firm details. So pumped for this show!

“Conceptual Realism in the Service of the Hypothetical” opens on Halloween in NYC – get your tickets to NYC now!

More on the show here.

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