Branded Arts at Smashbox Studios next Sat, Nov. 5th

Branded Arts Exhibition & Live Music Special Event
Special Guest DJ Samantha Ronson
Benefiting the Witness to a Dream Foundation
And the Terry Brand Book Scholarship

WHEN: Saturday, November 5th, 2011 from 5PM-2AM ($20 admission)

WHERE: Smashbox Studios, 1011 North Fuller Ave. West Hollywood, CA 90466

WHAT: This 12,000 square foot mega gallery opening and epic party features extraordinary art, live music, in-person painting and multiple bars. Curated by Branded Arts, this exciting art show will exhibit some of the most prolific artists of our time alongside never before seen work from some of Los Angeles’ rising stars.

FEATURED ARTISTS: Robert Standish, Mear One, David Paul Flores, Keegan Gibbs, Retna, Estevan Oriol, Risk, Luke Chueh, Jaime Becker, Cyrcle, Shark Toof, Bumblebee, Greg “Craola” SImkins, Dabs Myla, Edwin Ushiro, Michael Pukac, David Cooley, Andrew Hem, Julian Obledo, Tracy Tubera, Cesario “Block” Montano, Room 13 LA, Dan Quintana, Steven Daily, Angry Woebots, Emmeric Konrad, Aaron Axelrod, L. Croskey, Sean McCarthy, Jeremy Asher Lynch, Tamar Levine, Rob Sheridan, Kid Creature, Rony Alwin, Bridget Weiser, Lady Reine, Joshua Keen Valencia, Morgan Slade, Arien Valizadeh, Francesca Quintano, Nori Pesina, Julia Romenenko, Colin Young-Wolff, Tone, John Park, Urbyn Michaels, Jacques Silberstein, Hans Walor, Jim Mahfood, Kristin Hector, Sona Mirzaei, Angelina Christina, Lilli Muller, Kelsey Nichols, Robert Reynolds, David Jien, Stacey Krzywinski, Craig “Skibs” Barker, David MacDowell, Derek Gores, Kelly Vivanco, Sarah Joncas, Yosuke Ueno, Claire Oring, Olivia Jaffe, Greg Ruben, Duncan Lemmon and Charlie Edmiston

PRIVATE COLLECTION WORKS ON VIEW FROM: Banksy, Nick Walker, Shepard Fairey, David Choe, Audrey Kawasaki, Mark Ryden, Jeremy Geddes, Faile, KAWS

Thinkspace Gallery:
LeBasse Projects Gallery:
L’Imagerie Gallery:
Gallery Nucleus:
CAVE Gallery:
co-LAb Gallery:

WITNESS TO A DREAM FOUNDATION: WTAD Foundation enables inner city, at-risk, public school children to meet adult mentors willing to put forth the time and effort to inspire them to greatness. Mentors are provided with tools from the WTAD Mentoring System™, which enables them to be part of this community solution that encourages students to live and succeed in a life beyond the inner city. Children are given all the reasons and tools they will ever need to stay in school, avoid teen pregnancy, discover their biggest dream, identify a career path and graduate from high school.

TERRY BRAND BOOK SCHOLARSHIP: Terry Brand was an inspiring mentor to many and a board member for Witness To A Dream. A kind and generous man, Terry enjoyed teaching and caring for others. Terry passed away on March 17th, 2010, but his memory lives on with this scholarship. For most students, paying for schoolbooks can be very costly and sometimes impossible. The Terry Brand Scholarship provides the recipient with every book they need throughout their college education.

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