Brett Amory coverage from Juxtapoz

Brett Amory - advance look at one of the works destined for 'The Waiting Room' - opening this Friday at Thinkspace

Brett Amory was recently interviewed by and today they also posted a great studio visit with the artist as he gets ready to make the trip down to Los Angeles this week.

“In a culture where newborns are weened on iPhones and adderall, Brett Amory calls attention to our generation’s impatience epidemic. How often do you see a waiting line full of calm, contemplative individuals? Brett observes these uncomfortable pauses with camera in hand and oil on the brain. In his paintings, the environment strips away to reveal a lonely soul searching for the next distraction.” –

Check out the Juxtapoz ‘Back Talk’ feature with Amory here:

Check out Juxtapoz’ studio visit with Amory here:

All this coverage is leading up to his big debut LA solo show opening this coming Fri, June 11th at Thinkspace in our project room.

Check out our ‘Sneak Peek’ set at our Flickr page here:

Brett Amory ‘The Waiting Room’

Opening Reception: Fri, June 11th 7-11PM in the project room

6009 Washington Blvd in the Culver City Arts District

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