Brett Amory hits the streets of San Francisco

Brett Amory's 'Waiting' series hits the streets of San Francisco larger than life

“When I did my debut solo show in LA I painted a life size figure on the wall in the gallery. Painting a life size figure planted a seed in me to do big works on paper. Most of the people I painted are taken from my smaller “Waiting” paintings. They are painted from random snap shots of people I don’t know but see on a regular basis in the city. I thought it would be cool to do large portraits of these people and put them back in the city. The “Waiting” paintings I do for galleries are my landscapes and these are my portraits.

I spent four months getting ready for my solo at Thinkspace. I am usually pretty loose but the seven I did for Thinkspace I was really careful and tight from start to finish. When I got back I needed to unwind and do some work that was totally different from my gallery work. I painted these pieces with the idea of putting them on the streets so the paintings don’t have to be of a certain aesthetic or archival like my gallery work. With this in mind I have total freedom to paint as loose and expressive as I want. This body of work is my most honest work I have done.”

– Brett Amory

Brett Amory on the streets of San Francisco

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Look for Amory to return to Thinkspace early next year for a special 3-person show in our main gallery. More on that soon.

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