Camilla d’Errico update (new plush, book, shoes & more)…

Camilla d’Errico just released her first-ever plush fashioned after the cute yet evil character, “Kuro”, from her self-published book, ‘Tanpopo’. “Kuro”, aka Poodle, is the willing and scheming companion who has promised ‘Tanpopo’ love, happiness and human emotion. Don’t let his cuteness fool you; he is after ‘Tanpopo‘’s soul! The plush is 6” tall, his total darkness hidden by a naively white mask. Cute, cuddly, and with a most peculiar feature: a too-cute-to-believe booty that would make even J-Lo jealous, this little guy has received squeals of delight at recent conventions, where the prototype was displayed and promoted.

Make sure you also pick up the original storybook, ‘Tanpopo’, to get the lowdown on who Kuro is, what the saga of ‘Tanpopo’ is all about, and join the huge group of fans who have discovered and fallen in love with the story and characters. ‘Tanpopo’ is available via your favorite local comic store.

Another pretty cool thing to tell you all about is the ‘Sparrow’ series of books will be issuing an edition from Camila this July! ‘Sparrow’ is a super respected series of art books. Past editions have profiled Phil Hale, Glenn Barr, Kent Williams, Ashley Wood, William Wray, Rick Berry, and many more. You can pre-order the book via Amazon here now.

Oh, and her shoe just went up for sale here as well (see above). The girl just doesn’t sleep!

As if all that wasn’t enough, mark your calendars now and get ready for Camilla’s return to Los Angeles… coming up this September @ Thinkspace alongside Caia Koopman. More details and sneak peeks on the show’s progress will be posted here soon.

Keep tabs on Camilla via her site here and her blog here.

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