Cannibal Flower celebrates their 11th Anniversary this Saturday!

Cannibal Flower celebrates 11 years rocking LA this Saturday!

Sat, August. 27th 9PM-1AM
($10 admission at the door / $8 with donation to the L.A. Food Bank)
939 Maple Ave. #200 in Los Angeles

‘11th Anniversary Celebration’ with featured artists Gustavo Rimada and a group show featuring works from Anthony Ausgang, Craig “Skibs” Barker, Dirty Fabulous, David Cooley, Cate Rangel, William Zdan, Aslym, P-Jay Fidler, David Natale, Andreanna Iakovidis, Catherine Kaleel, Mimi Yoon, Brian Robertson, Paul Torres, Kristin Bockrath, John P. Wales, Cody Lusby, Delphia, Nicole Bruckman, Nate Seubert, Phil Santos, Melanie Moore, Lefty Joe, Carlos Ulloa, Steven Lopez, Michael Christy, Monty Montgomery, Yuki Miyazaki, Douglas Alvarez, Ahhd, Jose Carabes, Eric Staniford, Rask Opticon, James Bentley, Angelina Christina, Crystal Sylver, Michael Pukac, Terri Berman, Pool Al, Stephen Williams, L. Croskey, Michele Waterman, Michael Ramstead, Lauren Haggis, Kim Edmiston, Bob Doucette, Greg Yoshitake, Michelle Cohen, Kyle Harper, Mike Wale, Thea Sakes, Tatiana Krasovski, Andy Fletcher, Patrick Richards, Maxwell McMaster, Peter Adamyan, Nick Whitmire, Brian Whitmire, Lisa MoneyPenny, Cynthia Rogers, Sam Graham, Angela Morticia Rue, Sergio D. Robleto, Jamey Hecht, Jon Shaw, Charles Perera, Kimberly Kite, Lizzy Layne, William Kuriyama, Bruce Linn, Bobby Ramos, Giang Hoang, Shawn Waco, Rhiannon Marhi, Donna Abbate, David Foto, Veronica Marshall along with live painting from Mimi Yoon, Michael Pukac, Stephen Williams and Angelina Christina plus live music from AfroPete, a fashion show by Mrald of Aero Entertainment, live DJ action and much more – presented by Sour Harvest and Viva La Art – full info:

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