Cannibal Flower returns this Saturday, March 24th

The work of featured artist Christina Angelina

Sat, March 24th 9PM-1AM ($10 Admission / $8 with donation to LA Food Bank / $6 in costume)
Cannibal Flower
Taking place at New Puppy Gallery at 2808 Elm Street in Los Angeles
Huge bi-monthly art event with a massive group show with featured artist Christina Angelina and new works also on view from Elliot Brown, Lauren Haggis, Kristin Bockrath, Rask Opitcon, Sean Joyce, Nate Seubert, William Zdan, Michael Christy, Erik Siador, Jason London, Andrea Iakovidis, Nathan Geare, Christopher Willingham, Phil Santos, Stephen Williams, Q, David Natale, Khalid Hussein, Meirav Haber, Brian Robertson, BeneDigital, Jason Krause, Kitty Brown, Jason Castner, Rick Rodriguez, Erin Stone, Jackson Arcade, Eban Lehrer, Jaime Becker, Lefty Joe, Lynn Marie Greaves, Nyoka, Kim Gordon, Cynthia Rogers, Fionn McCabe, Kelly Thompson, Kate Sikorski, Kasim Patton, Monty Montgomery, Genie Melisande, Melany Meza-Dierks, Sarah Stieber, Daniella Batsheva, Lizzy Layne, Chuck U. Farley, Yuki Miyazaki, Tyme, Alejandro Navia, Steven Higgins, Keri Kilgo, Donna Letterese, Roland Salandy, Terri Berman, Alex Gonzalez, 3RDi, Christina Czybik, James Lee Stewart, Laura Casner, Kimberly Kite, Lisa Hirata, Jim Lembeck, Bob Kent, David Messina, Charles Perera, Richard Sigmund, Artist Andrea, Keith Vogt, Rhiannon Marhi, Cambria Petit, Tim Bontte, Deryke Cardenaz, Tim Boggs, Carly Wise, Shawn Waco, Sergio D’Robleto, Bruce Linn, Angel Cutno, CAUSNFX and more along with DJ’s Mr. NumberOnedrful and DownToEarth along with Live Painters, Live Music and a fetish performance from Snow Mercy

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