Cannibal Flower returns this Saturday…

CF Halloween card

Sat, Oct. 17th 9PM-1AM ($8 at the door / $6 in costume)
Cannibal Flower
5797 Washington Blvd in Los Angeles (near Culver City gallery district)

Bi-monthly group show and performance – special Halloween party, so come in costume – with featured artist Mickey Edtinger and a group show featuring works from Mark Mothersbaugh, Chris Peters, Chet Zar, Mear One, Alex Garcia, Ekundayo, Paul Chatem, Dabs Myla, Nate Seubert, Craig ‘Skibs’ Barker, Tiki Jay One, Joe Bravo, Michael Pukac, L. Croskey, Delphia, Nicole Bruckman, Macsorro, Paul Torres, Patrick Hammerlein, Michele Waterman, Douglas Alvarez, Shahid Brown, John Hicks, Ted Von Heiland, Jose Carabes, Snow Mack, and many more plus music from resident DJ’s Mr. NumberOnederful and X-Point plus guest DJ’s Jas Shepherd of KPFK’s ‘Forward Motion’ show along with DJ Bus Rider and Patrick Icon of CAVE Gallery

Performance by Zombies Without Borders

Live Painters – Michael Pukac and Yuki Miyazaki – she will be painting from a live model that night

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