Cannibal Flower returns…

Cannibal Flower returns!!!

After taking Nov & Dec off for the holidays, Cannibal Flower returns later this month to kick off their 9th year of supporting the Los Angeles underground art scene.

Michael Pukacthis month’s featured artist

This year CF will be doing every other month in order to present a bigger and more varied show. The next show after this will be the last Saturday in March – mark your calendars now.

Saturday, Jan. 31st 9PM-1AM ($8 admission / $5 as walking art)
NEW LOCATION: 821 traction ave #106
(across the street from Crazy Gideons)

Be sure to make it out as Cannibal Flower kicks off the new year in style!

Sour Harvest & Venice Grind present:

Featured Artist: Michael Pukac (work shown above)
Beats by: Mr. NumberOnederful
Live Performance by: Pussy Galore Burlesque Dancers

Also featuring the works of:
Craig “Skibs” Barker, MacSorro, NC Winters, David Campbell Wilson, Stephen J. Brooks, Yuki Miyazaki, Azikiwe, Rebecca Peloquin, Rebecca Hahn, Douglas Alvarez, Michele Waterman, Clinton Neuhaus, Tina Darling, Jim Darling, John Hicks, Jimmy Blyer, Walt Hall, Patric Hammerlien, Shahid, Jeremy Szuder, and many more!

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