Juxtapoz.com & VinylPulse.com post previews of "Sour Hearts…"

Juxtapoz.com & VinylPulse.com post previews of “Sour Hearts…”

Check out the VinylPulse.com love here:

Check out the Juxtapoz.com love here:

Both artists will be in from Canada for the opening and Melanie Moore (showing in our project room) will also be at the opening – don’t miss this chance to meet all three of these amazing young rising talents.

New Angeles Monthly preview/write up on "Sour Hearts…"

New Angeles Monthly recently did a lil’ preview of our upcoming show “Sour Hearts & Sweet Tarts” with Sarah Joncas and Camilla d’Errico that opens this Fri.

They profiled Sarah’s piece “Western Eyes and Serpents Breath” – check it out here:

Both girls will be in town from Canada attending the opening AND we’ll be debuting a new print from Camilla the night of opening, so don’t miss this one!

Digital preview ready on Wed, so get in touch now if you have interest as the wait list for works from both continues to grow by the day.

See you all Friday!

LA Weekly posts pics from API Fight For Flight show…

The LA Weekly just posted a nice slide show of images from the API benefit “Fight For Flight”… check them out here: http://www.laweekly.com/index.php?option=com_slideshow&type=1&gallery=1036&Itemid=565

Show will remain online for the next couple of weeks, some amazing works still on hand and remember 20% goes to the API – so a great cause is being helped at the same time.

Look for the preview for “Sour Hearts & Sweet Tarts” to follow this coming week – the girls have really out done themselves with over 15 pieces on view from each for the exhibit.

Flavorpill & Vinyl Pulse: Fight For Flight reviews…

Flavorpill & Vinyl Pulse: Fight For Flight reviews…

VinylPulse.com review of “Fight For Flight” with behind-the-scene images:

“Pieces vary from elegant to humorous — nice mix to choose from. In the front room, P. Williams was hard at work on his clever “Blast a Duck” installation which is a shooting gallery complete with hand-painted motorized birds and IR rifle.” – VinylPulse

Flavorpill.net preview for “Fight For Flight”:

“Friday’s Dewars/Grolsch-sponsored reception offers viewers a first glance at the works before they go on sale. On Saturday, bring the kids by for a coloring contest and tour of the collection. And if you feel the need to grab a piece up before it flies the coop, all the better” – Flavorpill


Stella Im Hultberg prints shipping this week & next…

Happy New Year everyone!

For those of you that ordered one of the “Heartbeats” prints from Stella Im Hultberg in December, please know they are beginning to ship out tomorrow (Thur, Jan. 3rd) and should all be on their way by early next week.

The new print from EKUNDAYO will beging to ship the 1st week of February and will be in stock at our gallery in about two weeks or so.

Look for a print of Stella’s “Foregone Broken” from the “Snow Angels” show very soon. Details to be announced shortly.